Peak Performance Offseason: Team Update #1

Update #1 for the Peak Performance Offseason in SeaTac, WA hosted by Apex Robotics 5803

Volunteer Signup
The volunteer signup form is now available here

If you are interested in volunteering for the event, please fill out the form!

Event Schedule
The tentative event schedule is below. Some times are subject to change based on the final number of registered teams.
7:00am Load In
8:30am Opening Ceremonies
12:45pm Alliance Selections
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Playoff Matches Start
5:00pm Awards
5:30pm Event Concludes

Rules Changes
There will be some slight modifications to the rules. Unless otherwise noted, Peak Performance will play by all official FIRST Stronghold rules.

  1. The maximum robot weight limit is increased to 125lbs (excluding battery and bumpers).
  2. There will be no formal inspection, weigh-in or robot sizing. Issues which are brought to the event coordinator’s attention by the referees, FTA, event staff or other teams will be looked into.
  3. The initial tower strength will be 8
  4. The Drawbridge and Portcullis will not be available. Category A will always be the Cheval de Frise, and Category C will always be the Sally Port.
  5. During qualification matches, there will be no team or audience selection of defenses. The defenses will be randomly selected per round. The defenses will be the same for both alliances. Defense Categories remain in effect (e.g. the randomized selection cannot place a Rock Wall and a Rough Terrain in the same round)
  6. During playoff matches, alliances will select the defenses for positions 1, 2 and 4. Position 3 (formerly audience selection) will be randomized and will be the same for both alliances.

Alliance Selection Changes
All teams will get an opportunity to play in the playoff tournament. Assuming 24 teams in attendance, there will be 8 alliances.

The first round of alliance selection will proceed as normal, with the 1st seeded team choosing their first partner, followed by the 2nd seeded team choosing their first partner and so on. Once all alliance captains have chosen their first partner, the remaining unselected teams will have their number placed in a hat. The selection then proceeds in reverse order, with the lowest seeded alliance captain drawing their third partner out of the hat, followed by the 2nd lowest, and so on until all alliances have three robots.

The number of alliances will be adjusted based on the number of teams in attendance. If the number of alliances is not a power of 2, top seeded alliances will be quarterfinal round byes.

The registration deadline will be Friday, August 12th. Payment can be made by Cash or Check mailed to:

ATTN: Peak Performance
Seattle Christian Schools
18301 Military Rd S
SeaTac, WA 98188

Please include “Robotics Registration” and your FRC team number in the Memo line.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept payment by credit card or PO at this time. We understand that some teams may have an issue meeting this payment deadline due to lack of access to funds prior to the start of the school year. If this will be a problem for your team, please contact us at [email protected] and we can make alternative arrangements.