Peanut Chassis with Cheap and Dirty Electronics?

Has anyone had any experience with using Andymark’s Peanut Chassis and the Cheap and Dirty Electronics for Two Motors?
If so, what are your thoughts on them?

I’ve never used the peanut extrusion. I have used the C&D controller with a KoP (AM14U3) demo chassis, in two-motor form, and it worked great! (Pics in this post.) I have a summer project of using the C&D on a mecanum (U4-based) robot.

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I use a Cheap and Dirty at least a few times a year, and it’s totally fine. Add a V-Tail mixer from Amazon (usually for R/C airplanes), and you can even make arcade drive work too.

I haven’t built a Peanut Chassis, but I did drive around the one that AndyMark built while I worked there. It’s plenty robust (more than a few young drivers at demos smacked it all over a field perimeter and other things), though the small size and CIM-class power can make it a handful to drive depending on your gearing and wheel choices. I don’t think that’s a crime, but you may want to fit bumpers to it if you like your walls.

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