Pearadox goal setting conversation

This past weekend, Pearadox had our annual goal setting conversation. A recording is available here with timestamps of when certain conversations outllined in the description.

I know various people on here and myself often promote to younger, inexperienced teams the importance of sitting down and having a conversation to determine your teams goals. That way, in the build season team leadership can reflect on if the decisions that are being made help the team achieve those goals. Since I had zoom going to include a few team members that were unable to make it, I thought it made sense to record it for any teams that may need an example of what that conversation may look like, though I imagine most the teams on CD are not that target audience.

Some things I wish I had done differently:

  1. This should have been done at least 2, maybe 3 separate conversations. I realized a couple days before the conversation when someone asked questions about advancement that all of our freshman and sophomores had no first-hand knowledge of how alliance selection or advancement to district champs/world champs (in “normal” years) worked. So we spent about 15 min talking about some of that. Related, I spent about 5 min reviewing what the program objectives/mission are.
  2. The other thing that could have been split up (and done much more succinctly) is the conversation on resources. I’m not 100% sure what I think I should have done, but I am glad that we went a little in depth on what “people”, “time”, etc mean as a resource to categorize some things a little more finely (ie “people” are abundant, but “people with prior experience” is more moderate. We spent about 20 min discussing what some resources are in general, and then about 45 min categorizing those resources for us.
  3. I feel like I did too much talking. That’s a common problem. It would probably have been slower, but maybe more engaging if we broke up some of these conversations as exercises then had some way for people to add them to the list together.
  4. we did get cut off at the end, so I’m going to have to follow up with the team to set our concrete goals. But I put the following in our slack

I think we need to finalize a couple of things yet, but I would say what I would take away from the conversation today is that we have the following for our main 2 team goals:

  1. Be a captain/first pick robot at district champs
  2. Win a District Chairmans award
  3. Transfer knowledge to our new students

With a hard (but achievable) goal of:

  • winning district champs chairmans

Number 1 above has some smaller goals embedded in it such as:

  • have a driving base by week 2
  • Finish robot before Open House (Feb 25th)
  • Make a schedule, utilize Trello, and follow it
  • Not quite embedded, but several people want to win a district event

Number 2 has some smaller goals associated with it such as:

  • More students involved in outreach
  • accrue 250 mentoring hours
  • Issue 4 of our magazine

Number 3 has some smaller goals associated with is such as:

  • Formal training
  • Gain competition experience

resourcediscussion.docx (16.0 KB)

Sorry for the double post, but I’ve attached the word doc with the list of the resources we discussed too. There are certainly some things missing, or some things in here that could probably be removed or regrouped, but this is what was generated from our live conversation


This is a great peek under the hood. I’m trying to figure out how to hold this conversation with my team, and so I’ll be using some of this. our main issue is that virtually none of our students have experience, so we’re really building from the ground up.


Focus on building before you focus on winning. The most valuable resource a team has is its working knowledge.


It is great to see this. No one drifts to the finish line…

Actually I’m pretty sure my high school team did at MBR 2019. Our banner is on the back of 1671!

some unsolicited advice or perhaps just a point of reference. Our first three years were definitely focused on going through what awards there are and picking one or two that we wanted to focus on. For us, we had a couple of passionate students willing to focus on imagery and entrepreneurship awards and so we had those as goals.

In both cases, we made sure that we fit the awards criteria while also benefiting ourselves. We recognized that putting in the effort for entrepreneurship award could help us understand some strengths and weaknesses of the team and hopefully create a good foundation of our team finances. Imagery of course was about trying to brand ourselves effectively to become identifiable within our own community.

Through all of this we were of course trying to set a foundation for chairmans as well, but there are some pretty good chairmans teams to compete with.


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