Pearadox kickoff worksheet

Last minute planning for kickoff, I decided to modify 2791 kickoff worksheet to fit our needs. We will have some other teams visiting us of varying skill/experience. Sharing here in case anyone can’t sleep before kickoff and is helpful. I imagine it’s too late to be useful to most:

Kickoff Rules worksheet:

  • the intent here is that everyone will have one. We’ll watch the video, field tours, and then break for lunch and allow everyone to digest the rules at their own speed/way for a little while. This will help guide them. We’ll review it all together afterwards
  • Some questions here are purposefully worded in a way that assumes that people reading this may have no familiarity with FIRST. I think several people attending our kickoff tomorrow have never gone through what a kickoff is like.

Strategic planning:

  • the intent here is that we’ll use this to guide our afternoon.
  • I’ll send a few copies home with any team that wants it if they want to revisit it

Notes for rookies/Texas teams:

  • Really just relevant for new team members and Texas teams. Only included here for completeness

I really like the idea of guiding questions tbh. It sounds like it would lead to a pretty effective personal study session and would be way more effective than a group readthrough of the rulebook like I seem to hear about a lot. I may need to recommend this to the members on my team for next year at least.

If only I could actually be there for kickoff and the season this year… At least I have Chief Delphi!