Peasant's Quest

Has anybody else played this game? It rocks! :smiley: It is played with the arrow keys and typed commands.

I beat it, but only with the help of a walkthru. :rolleyes:

Play it and let me know what you guys think!

edit: I’ll post the link to the walkthru if you ask

I just played it for a bit today, and I gotta say it’s amazing what Homestar Runner has spawned :slight_smile:

Could you post the link for the walkthrough please?

Yeah, I’m too lazy and/or exausted to look for the walk through. Gotta love hanging with the guys ALL night… :slight_smile:

I attached the walkthru.

If I were to linked to it, I probably would have gotten censored (profanity in the link). :ahh:

I don’t have any idea how anyone would beat this game without the wt! Some of the stuff is just so ridiculous and hilarious!! :smiley: I love it though.

pqwalkthrough.txt (11.7 KB)

pqwalkthrough.txt (11.7 KB)

Yeah, I found this a week or so ago, and ripped my hair out trying to figure it out. I looked at the walkthrough to figure out one step (using the well to get the mask). And then coasted. Awsome game, with some funny, funny parts. I have a feeling the naked guy who randomly pops out of the tree has some role if you can figure it out, but I cant figure out what to do with him. His name IS Naked Ned, if thats any help. notice if you type ‘talk ned’ you get a different response and ‘talk man’. Thats the one thing I couldnt figure out. Theres some real out of the box thinking that you need to use though. Good luck, its fun.

i just beat PQ with 150pts.!! all i’ve got ta say to all those who dint…HAHAHA!!! :stuck_out_tongue: