Peeling lemons

While calibrating our shooter at 5500RPM, this happened.

The end result: a Power Cell that seems to have been stripped from its power.

Someone please tell me that my team is not alone in this…


Our “peel” never came of like that. We’d have parts tear off or flip off however.

Generally, I can promise you that you are not alone.

This sentance sums up all our balls…

Same lol


Boneless power cells



More seriously, How well do they shoot without the peel?

We didn’t try.

…and here I thought this was going to be yet another thread about FiM postponing all our events.

It is amazing how the “lemon peel” is stretched over the gears in your shooter.

Perhaps you can sell the idea to KitchenAid or some other appliance maker :grin:

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Our district (FIRST ISR) postponed two remaining competitions + DCMP a hour and a half ago (half an hour before I created this topic)…

We tried to shoot the peel-less ball today, it was actually ok. Less good than a good ball, but better that half-torn ones…

Now try shooting a ball-less peel :smile:

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Our robots name is Zesty.

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Yep, after a few hundred shots this failure mode can happen. 2481’s had a few balls do this (one completely skinned, punctured after the ball was basically fully delaminated).


Oh wow-

You are not alone dont worry we did this multiple times