Peg height question?

Does anyone know how high the scoring grid pegs are? We looked all over the manual and were unable to find it. Thank you!

Assume that it doesn’t matter. Note that there is an 8" offset between adjacent pegs so design for that to be included.

You can also try the official field drawings (after the FIRST website comes back up!)

It does matter, because people might base their robot height off of how high the top pegs are.


It looks like the middle (elevated) pegs are about the 6.5-7 ft mark. The lower ones are about the 3.5’ mark. The upper ones would then be about the 9.5-10 ft mark. This is for the tall ones; the others are about 8" lower.

Thanks so much!!!

Has anyone seen if the field diagrams are posted/downloaded them so they have the exact heights?

I have been looking through the manual and cannot seem to find what the heights of all the pegs are on the wall. If anyone has found these heights I’d appreciate some help. Thanks

You can find the peg heights in the offical field drawingshere.

Unfortunately, the link is down because of the site flooding that has been going on this morning.

No, I have been refreshing literally every five minutes, I was hoping that someone else would be able to pull it up so that they can let me know (as I don’t have inventor on it). If anyone does find out, please let me know. Thanks!

Would you happen to have downloaded the field drawings and be able to provide the heights?

No, unfortunately. We were going to download them on a need-to-know basis, but that can’t be done as of now.

For anybody that is interested, here’s how I got those estimates I posted earlier:

Section 2 has a picture of the grids. The low one is about the height of the top of the diamond plate; the middle one is about the height of the team ID box. While not called out, from past experience I know the heights of both (3.5-4 ft and 6.5-7 ft respectively). I guessed that the high one would be about the same height above the middle as the middle was above the low one.

These are unofficial measurements. This is what we got from measuring the mock-up at the Novi, MI local kickoff. I believe that these were measured from the floor to the middle of the peg.

Far right/left pegs:
Bottom: 33in
Middle: 69in
Top: 106in

Center pegs:
Bottom: 40in
Middle: 77in
Top: 114in

You can’t build a precise robot off of those (since they’re not official), but for planning purposes, they should be fine. When we can get to the official drawings, we will know for sure.

Did this quickly so please check the numbers, but it looks pretty straight forward - the ends of the poles go all the way to the bottom of the tubing at the bottom.
From the field documents (ignoring the thickness of the sheet metal plate at the bottom, Floor to the center of the pegs:

Outer poles
Bottom peg 29.21 + .83 (half diameter) = 30.04
Center peg 58+8.17+.83 = 67
Top peg 58 + 45.17+.83 = 104

Middle pole
37.21 + .83 = 38.04
58 + 16.08 + .83 = 74.91
58 + 53.08 + .83 = 111.91

I used half of the 1.66 from the detail views, even though some of the BOM’s say 1-1/2 pipe not 1-1/4

Special thanks to FIRST team 2502 for thinking ahead and uploading EVERYTHING onto their website! Here’s the link:

According to page 6 the Arena section, on each column of scoring pegs, there is a 30 inch space from center to center. However, I have been unable to find the height of the bottom peg.

FIRST looks like they’ve rearranged their site, and seems to have taken down anything game related - probably in an attempt to kill some of their traffic. So at the moment, we’re going to have to make designs based on some approximate lowest height, which appears to be around half the 30 inches between pegs (on the left and right, remember that the middle pegs are 8 inches higher). Hopefully they’ll make the field drawings available soon. Alternatively, did anyone get them yesterday?


Thanks a lot! Hopefully the combination of the arena section and the game drawings on this page will be enough.

Team 2502 has been able to snag up all information posted yesterday, and made it available on the link in my signature. I’d go by the approximations already made in the forum for now anyway, since I doubt anyone is ready to start sawing away.

If we are missing something or it isn’t working just shoot me a PM and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Just wondering, I can’t read any of the game manual pdf besides the first page on my mac os x and this is after entering the password correctly

So everyone knows there are 2 groups of 3 columns on each side. After looking over the game drawings and game manual, this is what it should be in each group of 3:

For the two on the left and right:
Bottom peg: 29.21 inches (from bottom of floor to bottom of peg)
Middle peg: 59.21 inches (from floor to peg bottom), aka 30 inches above bottom peg
Top peg: 89.21 inches (from floor to peg), aka 30 inches above middle, aka 60 inches from bottom

For the middle:
Bottom peg: 37.21 inches (floor to peg)
Middle: 67.21 inches (floor to peg), aka 30 inches from bottom
Top: 97.21 inches (floor to peg), aka 30 inches from middle, aka 60 inches from bottom