Peg Staggering question

I noticed that in the rules it says, “The columns within each SCORING GRID are spaced 30 inches center-to-center. The three SCORING PEGS located on each column extend 16 inches horizontally inward toward the center of the FIELD. The height of the SCORING PEGS on each of the three “levels” is staggered from their adjacent neighbor by up to 8 inches.” Does this mean that they won’t all be 8? i ask because of the sayign “up to” Thanks!

If you look in the field drawings, you can calculate the exact height of each peg. Or search CD to find someone who has already done so.

WE know the heights IF they are all 8" apart but the “UP TO” sugest that some might not be. This is a minor problem for us because we are doing preset heights and i need to know if they will be right or if our driver will have to compensate a little.

The engineering drawings show exactly how the GRIDS will be built. The part that you quoted was only a description of the GRID and is not definitive.

Did you also look at the tolerance statement in the Manual?

The competition ARENAS are modular constructions that are assembled, used, disassembled, and shipped many times during the competition season. They may undergo a significant amount of wear and tear. The ARENA is designed to withstand rigorous play and frequent shipping, and every effort is made to ensure that the ARENAS are as identical from event to event as possible. However, as the ARENAS are assembled in different venues by different event staff, some small variations do occur. Fit and tolerance on large assemblies (e.g. the TOWER) are ensured only to within 1/4 inch. Overall gross dimensions of the entire field may vary up to 4 inches. Successful TEAMS will design ROBOTS that are insensitive to these variations.

In other words, you can expect it to be ±1/4" or so on any one peg (large assembly). Plan accordingly.

Thanks! Those posts were helpful!