Penalties Incurred By Team?

Is there any way to find out which penalties were incurred by a specific team rather than by the alliance?

No, from what I understand the refs just have a button for a foul or tech foul on their panels which they press. And IIRC they are instructed to not keep track of what penalties were assessed against what teams.

While I don’t know about other events, I’ve never been instructed to worry about keeping, or avoiding remembering, which teams incurred which penalties.

Typically, my instructions are along the lines of “remember as much as you can” long enough to answer any questions the HR might require for a question box conversation. Once that’s done, it’s simply too many matches to remember exactly what team was called.

The best method to determine this answer is through scouting during an event or watching a video to see where the refs were pointing when waving flags. But, there isn’t any breakdown available of individual team penalties.

I misremembered then; I am not sure where I got that from. I found this blue box at the top of p. 114 of the game manual that may be helpful

Any reasonable question is fair game in the Question Box, and Head REFEREES will do good faith efforts to provide helpful feedback (e.g. how/why certain FOULS are being called, why a particular ROBOT may be susceptible to certain FOULS based on its design or game play, how specific rules are being called or interpreted), but please know that they will likely not be able to supply specific details

But I am pretty sure that this information won’t be available after the fact in the same way that alliance-wide foul points (which you can look up on TBA) are.

Your memory might be perfect, just related to an event I haven’t staffed. I’m not going to suggest every event gets the same briefing. I mostly know the HRs I’ve worked with.

The second thing you quoted essentially stated the same thing I did just slightly different. I try to remember every detail I can so I can pass that on to the HR who will make a good faith effort to explain as much of what happened as possible. But, they might not be able to share every detail simply because we might miss which team number was on the bumpers of the robot. It’s a fancy way to say “HRs will try to give you all of the details. But, here’s a disclaimer in case they can’t.”

Makes sense. Thanks for the firsthand account + clarification.

This is where scouting will help.

We were trying to figure out what our team had been called on, if anything.

Most likely launching or hitting an opponent that was in their null territory.

If you want a better answer, find your matches so far and check to see the aggregate number of penalties. Watch the ones where your alliance was penalized and see where the refs are pointing when waving flags.

You can use that to determine which calls went against you. It’s not perfect. But, you’re not going to find a database that answers your question.

To add to this - there are a number of cases where there are numerous fouls in a match, or an early foul followed by something later in the match that a referee must discuss with another referee, or with the Head Referee. In these cases, it is easy to forget that the early, mundane foul was called in the first place.

As you said, it’s all about referees making a good-faith effort to remember calls they have made to provide the best possible feedback should teams want to know directly following the match. But as you said, none of this information is recorded and, unless it is particularly notable or unique a situation, likely isn’t even retained beyond one or even two subsequent matches.

Your best bet is to hit the question box immediately after your match. With any luck, the head ref will be able to tell you what the calls were for that match. But if you wait (even one match later), I doubt anyone on the field will remember.

If this is after your event, find the match video online. You can watch the refs and see when they call something - they wave their flag and point at the offending robot. Find that, rewind 5 seconds, and see what may have caught their attention. Likely launching, herding, contact in the null territory, or controlling the scale with your robot. Also possible are removing cubes from the opponents power cube zone and pinning (you’ll see the ref chopping their arm as they count the seconds on the pin). Obviously more fouls in the rulebook than just that, but those are by far the most common ones I’ve seen called this year.

I’ve often even had a ref come up to us (without us asking) and explain what fouls are for if our alliance incurred a lot or it was a consistent, non-obvious problem. While certainly not required, it shows how much all the refs care about helping the teams. Shoutout to the CT refs who do an amazing job!