Penalty re: <R16>

So what if the robot exceeds 80"?

If the robot is deemed to have exceeded the 80 inches then there will be a penalty assesed (probably 10 points). That is how they did it last year, and from what I heard it was a pretty common penatly.

I would suggest building the robot geometry so that you can’t exceed this dimension because it will make it much easier to stay out of trouble during a match. I also know that last year peole made the arm control on their bots so that it couldn’t extend the arm past the size restrictions.

That was mostly when they were outside the home zone, and it’s obvious that there bigger that they should be. I do believe you’ll get the penatly this year, but not as many as last year.

Also I would imagine that perhaps they would not let you back on the field if you consistently go over the 80", but i’m just guessing…


I think that decision is up to the head ref, who can make your bot have to be inspected again before being allowed back on the field. Other than that, probably just a 10 point penalty.