Penn Regional

Can anybody tell me the details of this regional in march and where it is?

Try here. Just select your area and competition from the pull-down boxes.

Hope this helps.

HE is most likely also thinking about the FVC comp.

Thank you very much any other details would be great!!!

Can anybody give me all the details for penn like wehre are the hotels?

Anyone know if 1114 and 3075 will be making a guest appearance in Penn or not?

You can find details on the Pennsylvania FIRST Vex event here.


Well this competition is just around the corner. My team is very excited! I’ll make sure to post some photos after the competition. Who from ChiefDelphi will I be seeing this Saturday at Penn?

team 3652 FLAME will be there =)
We’re trying to win 2 VEX Competitions


That was simply an amazing tournament yesterday. Thank you to all the teams who competed and made it so exciting, especially to 3133 that hosted the tournament. Hope to see some of you again in Atlanta!

The results are not on the tournament website - can someone please post them here?

The Winning Alliance was:
Team 3549 - Vexy Things
Team 3153 - The Hawks
Team 3652 - Flame

The Runner-Up Alliance was:
Team 3053 - Occam’s Engineers
Team 3214 - Delbarton School
and one other team who I don’t recall (which is bad because this was my alliance)

Inspire Award:
Team 3053 - Occam’s Engineers

yeah, that was fun, only problem was that we tested out robot on concrete, and it worked fine, but then, when we got there, it worked horribly on the mat, and it sunk in. so we got rid of everything and just pushed balls around for two rounds, oh well, there’s always next year.

and thanks to 3053 btw, you guys helped us out a ton by helping me cut stuff, you guys really deserved that inspire award

Amaze Award: 3413 - Essex High School
Think Award: 3146 - Fonthill
Connect Award: 3143 - Berks Career and Technology Center
Innovate Award: 3670 - Pathfinder Regional Voc-Tech High School


congrats on winning the inspire award 3053. We were actually expecting you guys to win overall (#1 alliance picked #2 alliance)

We won by fluke lol.
We have amazing alliance partners, especially VEXY Things (alliance #6), who we never lost an elimination match with.

That was a fun day, hope to see you guys next year (or atlanta).

If you guys want vids of that day, we have a lot. Just PM me on CD.