Penn State

I will be attending Penn State Main Campus next year for a BS in Chemistry. There have to be some other Penn State’ers here on CD. If you are, were, or will be a Penn State’er, please introduce yourself!

Yup there are!

I am getting a 2yr degree from Penn State Wilkes Barre this May.

I know Ashley Weed is down at Main campus.

I suggest you join, if you do not have an account there. Also Penn State does have a group on facebook for FIRSTers.

I can’t register for Facebook yet because I don’t have my PSU email yet. Any idea as to when I will get it?

Yeah - I’m going to Penn State this fall, class of '10 - I can’t wait :smiley:

Yay! Another FIRSTer going to PSU!

Wow, it just seems weird to see someone write a two digit class number.

Welcome to Penn State, and I hope you get to enjoy every aspect of being a Nittany Lion, and continue on with one of the greatest running philanthropy programs in the nation. State College is a town that was literally built for the College student, and built around the University, so enjoy your years there.

As a student in the College of IST, I am leaving for my mandatory Internship/Co-Op, as I speak. I will be living in Philadelphia for six months, and then finishing up at the campus that will have the last few classes offered all in the Spring of 2007.

If you ever have any questions about Penn State, State College, or anything else, feel free to contact me. You should receive your PSU ID soon, I received mine when I scheduled my courses in June before my freshman year.