People cheered for 1817 getting a Red Card

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Sounded like exasperation to me. But, sometimes people are mean.


Definitely didn’t deserve a red card…


I guess drivetrains are an active mechanism now. Doesn’t this ruling mean we can’t dive fast enough that if a hatch was released it would roll farther than 3 feet… Neat

I really think it was out of shock rather than spite.

I think this is a good reminder to teams to not cheer for red cards but that’s about it.

As to why they got the red cards - have at it!

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That obviously should not have been a red card. Very unfortunate call especially given that 1817 was battling for a top seed.


Sounded like a long and upset “Noooooo!!!” to me. It is always upsetting for teams to be penalized in this way.


any match video?

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I believe the red card was deserved.

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It’s hard to definitely tell if it’s cheering. I’d prefer confirmation from someone there. Having said that, a bad luck call is NOT something to cheer. I can’t argue with the ruling, but it’s a massive blow to a team that was holding the top rank, and it potentially changes the playoff outlook. You don’t cheer misfortune of others, that’s really poor taste.

The card did not change the team’s seed. Red alliance lost the match, earning 1 RP for the HAB.

The card IS an incorrect call by the HR. It can and should be corrected tomorrow, with no impact on the event. Failing to correct it would send another terrible message, similar to the G9/G10 issue earlier this season and the G20 furor last week.

Based on which part of the rule?


A CSA announced to the crowd (after this clip) that “It is not graciously professional to cheer for a red card”. That seems like a credible source as she was on the field at the time of the clip.

Here’s a clip indicating that some people were cheering:


That’s. Really disappointing. I hope the message was clear. I expect better of the FIRST community.

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i Believe its the part where it says " or eject them across the floor in a forceful way"

red card was the right call just not really “deserved”


Why are red and blue reversed on that audience display? It bugs me.


I was in the stands when this happened. In my section, people weren’t cheering, they were more shocked and confused.


When you are in the driver station, the scores are on your side of the field so its easy to tell score information during a match. Really helpful

Downside is that it is flipped on stream…

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Not aware of exact reason, but one factor could be view from the stands. Seating this week at FIT Champs has been horrible, but the main section. was exclusively given to scouts. Seeing the opposite side of the field from the stands is my guess, but that’s as good as any other.