People i want to meet at nationals

Well i have been posting on CD little over a year. I have met many people online and in person. Mostly Florida people such as george, mike, nathan, andrew, Tytus and the list can go on. Last year 710 did not qualify for nationals so i didnt get to meet alot of the people i would like to meet. So i have composed a list of people that over the year i have posted that i learned to repsect and listen to what they say, because they know what they are talking about. At nationals i hope to complete the task of meeting most of these people and taking a picture with them. Well here is the list (no particular order), I dont know if all these people are going to nats i hope they are. But if i come up to you and ask for a picture dont think iam crazy, just want a picutre of my “CD idols” :smiley:

D.J. Fluck
Rich Wong
Brandon Martus
Ken Wittlief
Ken Leung
Big Mike
Amanda Morrison
JVN (hope he wont hurt me after i suggest coloring constest of his pic) :ahh:

I cant wait to nationals i hope to meet all you guys, feel free to come over to 710 pits and say hi, and me and StudmanDan are planning on going to the webhug

Me, an idol? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey whatever…works for me! ill be around and im not hard to find :stuck_out_tongue:

When you meet DJ, be very careful of not allowing his head to get ‘too big’… lay off the compliments or else he’ll explode.

Don’t worry, you’re safe.
Stop by the 229 pit and ask for John.
I’m the 229 coach, so I do have some work to do at competition, but there is always time to meet/talk to new people. :slight_smile:

This goes for everyone else too.
C’mon by the 229 pit and say hello… (especially if you’ve got my name in your user title)! :wink:
I’m always up for some friendly FIRST-discussion.

I’ll also try to make it to the webhug.


Well I want to meet JVN …

But there are so many of you that I fear it will take the entire three days …

oh you are twisting my arm now!

if I drive to atlanta to attend the championship (my team is not going) does anyone have a 3x6 foot spot on the floor someplace where I can sleep at night?

Id hate to drive all that way just for one day :^)

If you don’t get a better offer, I think we could at least do that.

i already met John V.Neun and he isnt all that big and impressive

Yeah, better not do anything stupid in front of DJ either, or he might get it on camera and you will regret it when it’s on the internet =P

Hey, Steve voluntarily sang that song. He knew he was being taped. He even told me about some of the choreography he was adding in too! :slight_smile:

Wow… I’m really honored. That’s quite a list you have there, and it means a lot to be on it! Hunt me down. I’ll be… a little of everywhere, really.

Take a hint from everyone else… JVN isn’t that great to meet. He’s more of a pain in the butt - if I were you, I’d avoid him all together. And DJ? Don’t even worry about it. :slight_smile:

I decided to make my own list. What the heck? I could make a ‘people I’d like to see again’ list, but that would go on for pages and pages. I’ve met far too many great people in FIRST.

People To Meet
Joe Johnson
Paul Copioli
Chris Hibner
Andy Grady
Chris Fultz
Mike Walker
Steve Shade

i hope i get to see everyone…


andy baker
Beth Sweet
paul capoli
a various assoritment of James’s jim’s jimmy’s and jimbo’s
an almost infinate number of dan’s and danyel’s
mike lee

i cant remember them all right now I hop i will at the comp

Yeah. There are definitely several people that have gained my respect. So called FIRST demi-gods that would definitely be worth meeting but then again last year I got to shake Dean and Woody’s hand in front of everyone. That was awesome. I at least didn’t wash the hand for several days. I’m planning on going to some of the workshops (college FIRST and pneumatics…oh yeah!.) and some of the presenters would be great to meet. One a side note I talked with two dean’s of my college yesterday and they were quite interested in the program. So I might have to step up my efforts to get FIRST here.

I would enjoy meeting most people on this forum. I should have been more proactive when I was at St. Louis aka Prank Monkeys -amanda , Apple Corps - katie, and cooney robotics - ricky, and probably others.

Hopefully I’ll at least make the webhug in ATL.

This years webhug is starting to sound like it will be really good. I’ve never actually made it to one before seeing as how I was always driving the robot during them in 02 and 03. When anyone meets John, be sure to ask for a 229 button, you may get lucky (or horribly terrified) and get one with his face on it :smiley:

In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again in Atlanta this year, should be a great time.
P.S. - Be warned, DJ is an interesting person to drive with in large groups.

It’s sortof funny…I ended up meeting some of these people at the Midwest Regional…and didn’t even realize it until a couple days after.

–we’re not going to nationals :frowning:

Mike is a awesome guy, little crazy at times… i will drag him along with me :slight_smile: he is big and yellow

I’m flattered but make sure to put a gap between the Koko and the Ed. :slight_smile:
Look for the large group of black and red tie dye and look to the back of the group and I’ll most likely be sitting back there with my wife if I’m not (poorly) videotaping a match.
See you in Hotlanta!

Ok I guess I’m not good enough. Why am I not on anyone’s list? :confused: I too have my own list including but not limited to:

Koko Ed
DJ Fluck (should have met him in Chicago but didn’t have the time)
Amanda Morrison
John V Neun
Pit Bull 1126 (Talk to him all the time on AIM)
Budda (Hold on that’s me)
Ken Leung
…and more
Dave Lavery
Sorry I have a very bad memory.

I think you are missing a few people with god-like status, such as Dean Kamen, Woodie Flowers, Dave Lavery, you know, just to name the very few among us mortals. :wink:

BTW - I met Woodie at the NYC Regional, and he is a really great guy. :smiley:

I’m sorry to say that I will not be at the Championship. Perhaps next year. There’s hope that our team will be going to IRI (provided that they have it again) but it’s only talk at this time. But if you want to talk or whatever, I’m always only a PM away.