People i want to meet at nationals

I wish to meet all you guys on CD, especially those of you regular in all discussions. Ofcourse, all the JVNs. Drop by 25’s pit and ask for Bharat if you wish to talk. I’m always glad to meet people.

… and you are, who?? :confused:
We obviously made a profound impression on each other.

I never have any buttons.
If you’re looking for a limited edition JVN button (thanks again, Pamela… :rolleyes: ) you should talk to a 229 HSer. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

sigh You know these kids, John.
Saw John last year at the championship. Really cool guy.
Hope to see you down in Atlanta.

wow im honored, but there are probobly 15,000 other people you could meet before me i am nothing special, but if you have to meet me just come to my teams pit, look up and you will probobly see me

I hope to meet anyone and everyone from Chief Delphi, I have already met Dave and Dean, both awesome and hilarious, so I cant wait to meet Woodie Flowers!! See everyone at nats!!!

I’ll be at the Web Hug for sure, and other than that I will either be with Chief Delphi in the stands, walking around in the pits, or just randomly walking around watching matches. I’m tall… you can’t miss me. Come up & say hi if you see me.


Brandon if you are walking around the pits maybe you can head your way over to 710’s pit cause that’s were i will be most of the time :rolleyes:

I met Dean my freshman year-he signed my shirt at a regional. If you want to meet me, I will probably be at the 782 pit for most of the weekend or in our section of the stands watching matches (wherever that will be)

You mean you have enough time to socialize? Man, your coatch needs to get on your case more! :wink:

Me? I just want to thank Brandon for not killing me yet, but otherwise, I don’t have the time to find people. I’m going to be doing scouting work, strategy work, and also fixing out uber cool display and wireless scoring system. Neato. If anyone is that interested in me (from the past posts, it dosn’t seem so) just ask for Joe Matt (pronounce it like it’s one word) in the pits or the stands. Also, I’ll be wearing my ‘Dave is Pimp’ button.

PS- Lavery, you need to sign my shirt and I want to say hi.

DJ Fluck
Koko Ed
Amanda Morrison
John V Neun
Dave Lavery,Dean, Woody
Brandon Martus
Andy Baker
Big Mike

*hopefully i will be able to see all if not most of you at the CD web hug when we decide on a place

Yay I made someones list of respected people.

That said, I have no idea what I will be doing or where, but I will try to keep a piece of ducktape with my name on it on my back.

Also, any photoshop wiz wanna pull together a CD Nametag template? A quick search will yield previous efforts.

Any way to have a web based app add my name so that I don’t have to putz in PS to make it have my name printed on it would be stupendous.


Mr. Ross had a really cool idea in this post.

I wonder how many of those would come out with “I am JVN” on them…

It’s funny. You ask any normal student to quickly name a celebrity and they say Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake or Beyonce but you ask us and we say Dean Kamen or Dave Lavery or Andy Baker. Strange how FIRST has transformed us.

I am deeply touched and honored to be on the same list as these Mega-FIRST’er. Thank you.a tear :slight_smile:

I have decided to stay in NYC this year and help run the 1st “FIRST Nats Super Bowl Party!” for all the NYC teams that are NOT going to the Nats for whatever reasons.
We are planning a big screen TV(s) and watch the webcast and BYOB. (Bring Your Own Bots). We’ll be cheering everyone!
The location to be negotiated! Funding for food to be raised. If anyone is interested just contact me for details (once they are finalized)

Wow! Thats a really cool idea! Unfortunately, Sigma will have me in its clutches all day or else I would sooooo do the same thing up in Boston :frowning:

What a cool idea!

Yeah. He Inspired me to do this.

note: pic shrunken for CD

CD23.bmp (73.7 KB)

CD23.bmp (73.7 KB)

I’ve got plenty of friends, new and old I can’t wait to see again.
Plenty of people I’d love to chat with, love to see again.
I’m always eager to meet with those who share the same passions I do (anyone here like robots?)

Definitely too many to list them all.

2 young people I’m hoping to meet in particular:

Adrian “phrozen solyd” Santos (254) and Amanda M (60)

I was INFINITELY impressed by these two individuals during the whole collaboration “debate”. Their maturity, eloquence, and attitude (especially considering the ways OTHERS acted) merits a handshake at least.

The forums provide an interesting “first impression” of people, and these two have definitely wow’d me.


I’ll be happy if I’m able to identify Chiefdalphi users from the massive swarm of people at the Dome. After a while it all can get overwhelming.