People i want to meet at nationals

Wow… I am speechless. wow. Dave, thanks. To even say my name with these two guys is not fathomable to me.

I will be galavanting around all weekend, trying to meet as many people as possible while also trying to help my team win this silly competition. I’ll definitely be at the webhug.

Andy B.

Hmm i like that idea…I am going to do that. If everyone has the time, we should all try to wear something that says we are chiefdelphi posters. .:Me thinks of a couple of ideas will post latta:.

Well, I WILL be wearing my name tag. (I don’t think anyone is planning on painting my head though.)

I’ve still got to get my hands one one of those breakfast …umm …what do you call it… (chicken and egg open face sandwich?) breakfast items that you fix. It looks very intersesting. Perhaps at IRI this year or Nationals next year. :slight_smile:

I thought you were a Role Model, not an idol?? hehehehe…

edit: just reread the whole post, and it seems like no one wants to meet me… :frowning:
/Me so sad…

Awww, I want to meet you, Elgin! But I won’t be at Nationals this year (unless some nice CDer wants to pay for me to get down there and lets me stay with them!! ;)) So … next year I will meet you, as you are one of the people on my “to meet” list. :slight_smile:

Hey, don’t feel bad! Noone wants to meet me either!

Granted, Im not going to Nats, but still :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Elign, we can get together and form the ‘We are unpopular’ meet. :wink:

I’ll deff look for you since no one has said you yet.

I sure am glad people want to avoid me like the plague – I won’t be there and I hate to disappoint. :stuck_out_tongue:

If y’all can even manage to meet half the people on your lists, you’ll be well on your way to meeting some of the best people in FIRST, hands down. Good luck.

The number of people wishing to meet me has steadily declined over the years. I think Erin was the only person to come looking for me last year. I think my popularity has decreased with time.


Maybe it’s just that you really have been in FIRST too long and everybody knows you already.

Actually I was only looking for you because I was sent to poke ‘fun’ at you :smiley:

Nobody want’s to meet me either :frowning: , but I’ll be stuck at the Robotics Conference the whole time… so you can catch me there if you’re bored.

Hey JosephM, expect me to join that little “The Most Unpopular CD Poster People”

I don’t think anyone even knows who I am. Eventhough I have posted a bunch of replies. I still can’t be compared with most though.

Actually you and KenL is on my “Top 20” list of CD people to meet!

I was able to check off (on my “A” list) several wonderful CD people this past NYC Regional when they surprisingly came down to volunteer and made my day.
(I still remember my first CD contact- J. Johnson from 47 when the team visited the 2001 NYC Regional- I was speechless, said “hi” and that was it! doh and did the same thing last summer when I meet Andy Baker. doh)

Gee Elgin you are at the top of my to meet list…oh wait, never mind I already know you. :smiley: Don’t feel bad I didn’t make anyone’s list either. Reading Jess’s post nobody wanted to meet her too. As a matter of fact it appears nobody from Team 237 made anybody’s list. :rolleyes: Well there’s still time. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there about the entire time, so I’ll probaly see you a good bit. I also met you at Annapolis.

I just bought my ticket today, so this weekend is when I’ll make my plans for Atlanta, including who I want to meet.


I am not on anyones list either, but thats ok, u will all be meeting me whether u like it or not!! insert evil laugh here LOL.

well you will have to find “everyone” and i doubt anyone could find me when i dont want to be found, even if i am tall and i am wearing a bright yellow hawaiian shirt i can still blend in pretty well :wink:

i met a lot of people @ UCF regional and Midwest regional…

i met ANDY BAKER and D.J… they are awesome!

here goes my list…

andy baker
Dave lavery
Brandon Martus
Rob C.
Mike dessingue
jessi from 357
lots of mike (there are too many mikes)
brandon from 470
tim from 1073
michelle from 236
Kelly (firebird)
Meridith (firebird)
jill from 501
alwyn from 335

edit: always looking forward to meet new people… stop by 108’s pit and say hi… :slight_smile:

Well, if I was going to Nats, other than the obvious ones I’d like to meet:

M. Krass
Matt Leese

There, you all feel better now? :slight_smile: