People i want to meet at nationals

I want to meet you (along with many others) and talk to you abouy TIG welding and such.


OMG! how could i forget

Dave lavery
Brandon Martus
and, Shyra

Im sorry, i ment to remember

One important thing to remember about many of these “all-stars” is that they’re honestly just regular folk like you and I, but are especially dedicated and passionate about this program. I know that when I was in high school, I basically learned almost all of my technical skills from this these forums.

I’d suggest for those of you that happen to meet these people, please take the time to just thank them for their contributions on the forums, technical or otherwise. I think FIRST is filled with people who are deeply underappreciated, and knowing that you’ve helped someone out or taught them something is very rewarding.

Just my two cents,


So many people, so little time. I’m gonna be volunteering @ Nats, hopefully I’ll make it to the web hug to meet some of you ‘big names’ (John V-Nuen, Andy Baker, Ken Leung, etc…[no, not Big Mike, i’ve seen enough of you :yikes: ]i’m gonna get it @ PARC, if not Atlanta :rolleyes: …). Hmm… anyone else volunteering? I could meet you @ the dinner.

coughehem…your on my list 8-), Just havent had time to post lately

other peple i wanna meet at nats.
Breanne M
Dj Fluck
Big Mike
A. Snodgrass
Andy Baker
Dean Kamen

…theres probably more im forgetting


You mean all the money I’ve spent building the Shrine of the three Gods of Lavery, Baker, and Brandon is a complete waste?!? Duuuuuuude, I even spent hours praying in front of it day and night hoping they will grant me good fortune, health for my family and relatives, and world peace.

What a rip off. I guess the construction of the three marble statue of Lavery, Baker, and Brandon will have to be canceled now. I even had it all worked out: Lavery’s statue show him looking up pointing at Mars, Baker’s statue show him with his family, and Brandon’s statue show him sitting in front of his computer.

And here I thought the Lavery statue would be at the counter ordering Krispy Kreames. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm … why do I suddenly see a new Photoshopped picture coming out … :yikes:

Here is the list of people I want to meet, with asterisks for people I have met, but want to spend more time with. But, knowing myself, I’ll be lucky if I cross off more then three.

Matt Adams
*Andy Baker
*Dave Lavery
*Joe Johnson
Ken Wittlief
Chris Hibner
Andy Grady
Al Skierkiewicz
Mike Betts
Kevin Watson
Dave Flowerday

And, I’d like Katie Reynolds to remember who I am (third time’s the charm, right?)


Sorry, sorry, sorry! Hey, I recognized you last year! I just didn’t get to spend that much time with you. :frowning:

But yes. Third time is a charm. So, next year? Or you could always come to IRI … :wink:

Hey, being new to first on a rookie team i want to meet as many people as possibe I think thats one of the good things about FIRST is the people. So meeting some of the influence people in first at the nationals would be awesome. :slight_smile: Now i would like to take this oppertunity to tell a funny story from regionals at UCF and also apologize. Ok we took vans up there to Orlando and one moring during the competitions we were pulling into a parking spot and we backed in to a couple people from team#710. everything was ok and alright but it was funny and i saw this post from there driver so i thought i take this chance to apoligize for backing in to his teamates car. On behalf of the TECH TIGERS 1251 we are sorry for that. LOL good luck at nationals hope to meet you guys over there at team710 we are from Ft.lauderdale to so hometown homies lol. Anyway we apoligize.

TECH TIGERS team#1251
MACHINIST for 1251

I would love to meet as many of you as possible and Dave Flowerday and I probably will as we are likely inspecting at Nationals. If I am inspecting please say Hi.

I always say I want to meet people, but I’m usually the combination of me Scouting and being horrible w/ faces doesn’t make for recognizing people too well.

That Chief Delphi name tag thing is a pretty cool idea, I might do that. :]

With that said, I’d like to meet Dave Lavery - he seems like a really cool person, and he always puts together the animation for kickoff, so he at least knows where us Animators are coming from :]

Edit: Koko Ed too :]

Its ok, i wasnt part of the group :slight_smile: . But if you hit the drivers it would of been a different story :wink: lol j/k

I’m glad no body wants to meet me, I can just skip the WebHug then :p. I’m too busy running around like a nut anyways.

-I want to meet Ricky Q. because 269 has a really great name. (Cooney Robotics? John Cooney [814 human player]? come on!) =P
-And Ryan Dognaux because he has a cool last name.
-And Wetzel because I don’t know how to pronounce that.
-And John VN because everyone likes him so much it just might be worth it to say hi.
-And Andy Baker for the same reason as John
-And Dave Lav…wait a sec, I already met Dave Lavery!!1! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

He’s nothing special anyways… :stuck_out_tongue: Nah Ricky is a good guy…a bit goofy, but a good guy. (How bad could someone that supports a baseball team that hasn’t had a winning season since the early 90s be a bad guy ;))


Im not sure if i should be honored or scared that people want to meet me :-p…but anyone that knows me knows that I like meeting people, so if you see me walking through the pits, the stands or in 45s pit, stop me and introduce yourself…ill be walking around looking for people as well.

In semi-offtopic fashion, I bring you…

People I want to meet in the off-season!!!

Dave Lavery
Amanda Morrison
Brandon Martus (dont forget to bring Brandon Marcus :wink: )
DJ Fluck
David Kelly (even if it is just to see Amanda kick his butt :wink: )
Both Clark & Kyle Gilbert
Koko Ed
Wetzel (maybe we can hunt down a DDR machine!)
Big Mike
Katie Reynolds
Joel Johnson
Paul Copioli (to see exactly why hes so “Copioli”)

…oh yeah! and CD-47 Bot! I love that guy! :smiley:

…okay, back to work. This was a rather pointless post :slight_smile:

People I really want to meet:

People who have started teams with a college while in college.

People who have in depth knowledge of how the teams work with college

Anyone who takes college classes and does FIRST at the same time.

Then people I generally respect what they say:

both Ken’s - leung and wittlief
dave lavery
andy baker
joe ross

here is a start I gave up. But I liked jess’s previous posted names. They sound good.

LoL no problem about that backing into us thing… Tho my neck is still a bit sore :: cracks it :: j/p of course :slight_smile:

Man There are sooo many people I want to meet. But of course all the hard core FIRSTERS top my list. Too many to list, but many of the sames as above. Like Fluck, Neun, Baker, Lavery, Johnson, Leung, Wong, Big Mike ( even tho I heard he isn’t actually all that big ) Erin R, Katie R, Ken W, the list goes on and on ( that is not nearly all it just a small sample )

So stop by the 710 booth everyone and give me and Ryan a howdy hello, or how do you do. Or if you see me walking around and recognize me, I always get a kick out of it when someone shouts out " Stud Man Dan " ( Its the small things in life that amuse me )