People i want to meet at the Championships '05

Well i noticed this highly wrote in thread from last year was not made yet and considering its only 2 weeks away i figured to do good for everyone :smiley:

For myself - with the FIRST chats that we usually have running on AIM nightly there are quite a few people i want to meet both student and mentor wise…

sorry if i butcher some names

Tytus 179
Amanada 179
Fin 108
Henry 222
dora =P
courtney 111
kyle 45
lisa 173
ryan 234
Jake G
the 237 crew
236 chicks
Tom B *the emo kid /m
korei 25
korei’s gf 433 *sorry forgot your name =X
ashley 38
ANYONE going to Full Sail University in 2005!!!

Mentors/alumni meet/want to meet again
All of the DS+TKB \m/ *espically Mr. Baker + Mr. Martus
Erin R
Marc 38
Dean K
Woodie F
Tom S
Jess B
Amanada M

*ya im drawing a blank… i will be editing my list cause i probably should get back to doing my psychology essay thats due tommorow =/

My list of folks I haven’t met yet (which is by no means the final list) includes:

-Genia (461)
-Heidi (116–although how many Heidis do you really know in FIRST?)
-Dora (7–but see above)
-Both Martuses (Marti?) (47)
-Paul Copioli (217, unless I butchered the number), if for no other reason than to size up the man who bear hugged Big Mike, and possibly get some tips on technique.
-Lil’ Lavery (116)
…and probably quite a few others. And virtually everyone I’ve already met in FIRST is on the list, too.

theres not enough space, i will meet you all!

If you are reading this post, then i want to meet you. :slight_smile:

Andy Baker
Bill Beatty
Billfred (the elevator encounter didn’t count :wink: )
David Kelley (the lobby encounter didn’t count :wink: )

Plus more…


Raul- 111
Courtney- 111
Andy Baker- 45
Kyle- 45
Bill Beatty- 71
ect… ect…

OK kids…here is my some what long list…(in no particular order…)

Rich Wong
Kit Gerhart
Ken Patton
Dr. Joe
Paul Copioli
Andrew Morrison
Scott Shaw
David Kelly
Courtney 1023
Joseph M
Alex 1126
DDDDDDDDDORAAAAA! aka dori :rolleyes:
Dave Lavery
James 384
…this is my first list…I’m sure I left someone off so if I did pm me or AIM me.

I’m not going to try to make a list because then I’ll be disappointed if I didn’t meet everyone. So, I’ll just say this. Anyone I didn’t meet last year!

[EDIT]*I just realized this was my 100th post. :D[/EDIT]
People i have already met and would like to meet again:

Andy Baker
Paul Copioli
Tom Schindler
Raul Olivera
Dave Ferreira
Rick Blight
John Neun
Ken Patton
Koko Ed
Amanda Morrison

People i would like to get a chance to meet:

Brandon Martus
Dave Lavery
Aidan Browne
Joe Menassa
Bill Beatty
Brian Beatty
Woodie Flowers (Who doesn’t want to meet the man behing the “bling bling for your brain”?)
Any CD posters :smiley:

People i see regularly but I am so glad to have these bright minds at my disposal that they deserve their own list:

Chris Carnevale
Eric O’Brien
Adrienne Emerson
Jeremy Boire
Joel Johnson

  • sorry if i forgot anyone i know should be on here. This was a quick list off of the top of my head. Pm me if I forgot you


especially Karthik & Dr. Joe :smiley:

Definitely Dave Lavery, while wearing a diamond plate tetra around my neck :yikes:
I want to meet the other Laverys as well, and other members of 116.

Other than that,
Paul Copioli - 217
Raul Olivera - 111
Courtney 111
Andy Baker
John V Neun
Amanda Morrison
Arefin Bari
anyone going to Purdue next year
anyone wearing a coconut bra :yikes:

Aww, thanks Ky, but you know that since we didn’t qualify that I won’t be there. Hope to see you all next year if we make it!

People I can think of that I want to meet (if I can make it down there, my mom is being dissagreeable about the whole Nats thing atm but I’m pretty sure I have a room if I can convince her to let me go :D)

…All the chat kids really
Courtney Bellaire
Courtney Balcer
Lisa Perez
Kyle Love
Arefin Bari
The Brothers Shaw
Tom Bottiglieri (though I did meet him at BAE)
Corey Balint
Carli Roberts
Cory McBride
Genia Gabrielov
Karen Hart

I know there are plenty of people that I’m missing, so I’ll probably add them later on.

That’s why they have a webhug. So your CD dreams come true. :smiley:

anybody going to RIT next year…

I just graduated from RIT.
Nice school.

I think a better question to ask would be: who don’t I want to meet? I’ve never met a FIRST person in person that I haven’t liked. So I (or anyone else) can try not to miss anyone, would anyone be up for a standardized name tag system? I know this has been discussed before and people have done such things, but never has such a broad undertaking been really used by a lot of people (to my knowledge.) Here’s a concept I whipped up in 10 minutes, brought to you by MS Paint and PrintScreen.

anyone who wants to meet me…especially Ary 108, Jake 134, Kyle 45 and some other people

Or howabout a standard button we could wear on our shirts? Something simple, an orange background with black text saying “CD poster” (only chiefdelphi ppl will know what CD means). Don’t put your name on the tag though, the idea is to have other CD posters approach you and ask you what your name is to start the conversation. What do you think? :cool:

Idea: A basket of these buttons could be outside the Team 47 pit. They won’t be actively given away but everyone who posts on CD will know to grab one when they arrive in Atlanta.

*Guniess accent