People i want to meet at the Championships '05

I think that idea is just as good, if not better than mine…it’ll encourage people who might be shy of face-to-face encounters to approach a person. So, rather than having 150 “I saw John-V-Neun” user titles, we can have 150 “I met JVN” user titles :smiley: . My idea was simply to have a common way to identify a chief delphi poster, and any way that gets done is good.

I got one of those scolling name tags. Mine will say “Steve W CD Rocks”

Come say Hi

One problem-Who’s paying for said buttons? :rolleyes:

Thats like 9000 buttons! (ok, 4600 active in the past 3 months, but still) I like the ‘print your own’ idea a bit better. It’s a bit more creative, and I’m guessing the Chief Delphi checkbook agrees, too. :wink:

Here’s an idea for those of you who went to the Boilermaker regional or anyone who has an extra lanyard…put a CD name tag in instead of the Boilermaker one. Maybe put your name, team and all that stuff…what do you guys think?

Erin is single, female and wealthy. Maybe she would like to shop for some and buy enough for everyone. Thanks Erin! :rolleyes:


There’s so many people I want to meet. I’ve already met tons of new people on the first leg of my Tour de FIRST, but there still tons more.

So, here we go. I find it better to go through teams by number so I dont miss anyone.

Dorienne Plait (007)
Jim (33)
Kyle Love (45)
Andy Baker (45)
Brandon Martus (47)
Dr. Joe (47)
Travis Hoffman (48)
Tony (56)
Anyone on 60
Anyone on 71
Cory (100) Again…
Arefin Bari (108)
The person who runs, I would like to shake his hand. (108)
Raul (111)
Dave Flowerday (111)
Courtney (111)
Dave Lavery (116)
Lil’ Lavery (116)
Jeff Wetzel (116)
Joe (121)
Erin (125)
DAN CHASE! (126)
Dave Kelso (131)
Karthik (too many teams to remember)
Tytus (179)
Amanda (179)
Gary Dillard (180)
Steve W (188)
Koko Ed (191)
Tom Bottiglieri (195)
Paul Copioli (217)
Henry (222)
Jay (229)
Joel (229)
devicenull (230)
Leslie (233)
Gabe (233)
Kit Gerhart (233)
Ryan (234)
…dont even get me started on 237…
Anyone on 254
Joe Ross (330)
Genia (461)
Lisa Perez (573)
Sanddrag (696)
Billfred (1293)

As you can see, I got lazy after 234…

But I also want to meet up with all of the people I met this year!

Yep, that should take care of about… 1000+ students… if they’re all going to Atlanta… :slight_smile:

Why not do a variation of the trading card idea and make some sort of nametag template that is easy to edit in Photoshop. Then everyone can easily have thir own ID and Cheifdelphi doesn’t have to file for bankruptcy.

This seems to be the best way to do this. Many kids are on spring break this week (cough… Kyle45… cough), and one or two of them could pull together a design pretty quickly.

Great… rub it in, Ed. I can’t make it this year, due to my commitment to the FIRST Robotics Conference. As an attendee of the original webhug in '99, I am officially on protest. Maybe someone can make one of those life size cutouts of me and bring it to the webhug… that would be cool, and frighteningly alarming at the same time.

Andy B.

some of the people i want to meet are:
koko ed

people that i have met that i was very honored to meet are:
Andy Baker
Ken Patton
Paul Copioli

You may want to be speciffic about who you want making the cutout. Dave can attest that if Heidi (Missinforamtion) does it your likeness could be attending the webhug on the body of a duck.
Just thought I’d warn you. :wink:

You know, a friend-of-the-family used to have a “life-sized” cut out of Mike Holmgren (when he was the Packers head coach, of course!) in her family’s basement that we’d always dress up… The outfits always depended on the final game score - if the Packers won, he was dressed in “nice” clothes. If they lost, he got the Packer’s cheerleading outfit, or maybe a bikini.

Bottom line is, you might wanna rethink the whole cut-out idea because they’re really fun/easy to dress up (like, oh, in a kilt) … on second thought hmmm … :wink:

Did somebody say Rasterbator?

This could be bigger than Scott’s head (and from all the pictures I’ve seen, that was freaking huge)!

I don’t really have a specific list… if I recognize someone, I’ll say hi. If you recognize me, feel free to chat. :slight_smile:

Scott Ritchie will definately be attending the webhug. He has a webhug raffle ticket, so he has to go.

Hmm… giant Andy Baker head… vs giant Scott Ritchie head… :]

Maybe someone can make one of those life size cutouts of me and bring it to the webhug… that would be cool, and frighteningly alarming at the same time.

Andy B.

No worries Andy, I’m on the job, I am on break the week of Nationals. I anyone sees a kid carrying a round a large cardboard Andy Baker at the Webhug, say hi. :smiley:


Hey Andy, make an extra sign - I’ll join your picket line. There is another meeting at Noon (sorry - NOT your conference session) that I was hoping to attend.

lol more kit gerhart fans, yeah kit is pretty cool and he knows his stuff

he helped me to become a better driver, which is great considering this is my first year on the team and i made operator.

but he has also helped us in our scouting which helped us alot but i am happy he is on our team

This could be a big event -

Pig farmer vs. Cow farmer!

Backwards country boy (Kokomo) vs. Big City Man (Indy, not Fountaintown!)!

Two digits vs. three digits!
(45 vs. 234, for any of you IU people who are a bit slow :slight_smile: )

Everyone! I’m not picky. lol :smiley: