People you want to meet in the offseason


I’m restarting the thread based on the championship event. Who do you want to meet at the offseason comps?

I would like to meet Big Mike.

I’d like to get together with Mary from Paragon to have the conversation we ran out of time to have at the UTC New England Reigonal! Mary, if you’re going to Battlecry, look for me.

Yes but do you really want Big Mike to meet you? :eek:

Everyone who comes to IRI :slight_smile:

hey im a big guy too! he might need a forklift to lift me :wink:

Chuck Missler (its off season => not FIRST related, right?)

You’d be surprised. I was amazed at how easy it looked for Big Mike to pick myself and other larger FISRTers.

Big Mike, successful at every attempted bearhug. DJ? not so much.

I want to meet:
Karthik (though I’m doubting I will)
if I come down to Robot Rodeo:
Studmandan (dunno how, but I missed him at the webhug…even though he was like 3 feet away talking to cutiebethy)
Amanda Morrison (well, that’s not really meeting but i want my 1020 shirt! :smiley:
…anyone else I didn’t meet at nationals :slight_smile:

To be sure I don’t break my streak, I’m probably not attending any off-season competitions this year – my first year in six where I attended no competitions.

However, I will be making a special appearance in both Northern and Southern California in early June along with two other world-famous FIRST personalities. Details are forthcoming, so stay tuned if you’re interested in spending some time basking in the glory of three legends in their own time. Yeah. Legends. Really.

acctually i was unable to bear hug paul Copioli… he didnt want to be bear hugged, and Stu Bloom ran away screaming every time i tried to get him

I want to meet some of the people I recognized from CD in Atlanta but was too scared to talk to.

As Amanda has told myself, other people, and you many times before she does not have any more 1020 shirts. What a bummer… :frowning:

That happens to me all the time. Only after 3 year was I actually brave enough to say hi to Dave Lavery at Atlanta after the competition is over. I used to get really nervous at competition about meeting people, so instead I volunteer to be score keeper and get really busy all the time.

But not anymore. Plenty of people I should’ve talked to a long time ago, and I am making up for that starting now.

I want to meet Mr. Toast, specificly @ WPI because it is his birthday, and everyone needs a “happy birthday hello” on thier birthday. I hope we go to WPI in the first place though. :slight_smile:
If not, HAPPY B-DAY MR. TOAST!!! (in advance)

I was the same way, but like Ken, not so much anymore…I still live by my original policy: if you want to meet me, come find me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure Stu just rode his Segway away fast each time :wink:

I met KenWittleif for the first time. I don’t think he recognized me until I put my cell phone up to my ear.


::points to signiture::

Then next time, simply chase him toward a MARTA elevator… :stuck_out_tongue: