People you want to meet this season

Like every year, a thread about who you would like to meet this season. I just started making a list which I will post after a few days. Till then, lets hear who you would like to meet.

Well, as a report card for last year’s list, I met 100% of the people on there, and what a great group you are! However, later, I added on a list of UFH’s that I hadn’t been introduced to, and only met about 60% of those. So, I’ll tack on the names I had last year, and add the new ones to this year’s list. I don’t know if they’ll all be able to attend, though.

CD Posters:
Travis Covington
Gary Dillard
Bill Gold
Rich Kressly
MissInformation (Heidi)
Dorienne Plait
Joe Ross
Mike Soukup
Kris Verdeyen

Rob Bayer
Mark Breadner
Warren Boudreaux
John Bugeau
Wayne Cokeley
Ian Mackenzie
Alan Ostrow
Rich Wong
Wendy Wooten

My list would be too long to post here…I haven’t met too many other CDer’s. Other than team 116 members, I have met Elgin and a few other 237 members as well as a few members of team 173 (RAGE) and Bharat Nain. I think that covers all CDer’s that I have ever met. So there are a lot that I would like to meet.

I am a programmer so I would like to meet:

Christopher J. O’Connell

Kevin Watson

Pat Fairbank

and some other programmers…

WEll i have some from my list last year that i didnt meet and some that i did and would like to meet again and now i have some new people

People i met last year who i would like to meet again
Andy baker
Brandon Martus
Big Mike
Dave lavery

People on my list last year that i didnt get to meet
Amanda morrison
D.J. Fluck (if you are running around in a costume again i will tackle you) :wink:
Ken Wittlief
john V-Neun ( had a match against you in newton division but thats as close as i got)
Rich Wong

New people to the list i want to meet
Greg Ross
David Kelly
Billfred (met him once at Robot Rodeo but would like to meet him again)
Gary dillard (prob have met him at some point but never formly introduced)
Tiffany from 180
Kevin Watson

I prob forgot people but i will edit them in when i remember

No one wants to meet me?

I would like to meet Brandon Martus. And Mr. Lavery again, I got to meet him at Chesapeake last year but I would like to meet him again.

I would like to meet everyone from CD that way I could know at least one person, that I’m not related to, in every state and other countries.

I really hope to meet “people”

i want to meet you all! come by the 1126 pit and ask for “Big Alex”.

Okay, I’ve gotta be leaving a ton of people off of this list. If I talk to you a lot, and you’re not on here then I’m sorry if I forgot to add you… I’m not all here right now :stuck_out_tongue:

People I’ve already met, that I’m hoping to see this year (since I’m traveling with a team for the first time in 3 seasons)…

Andy Baker
Jessica Boucher (we’ve kinda met, right? [Dang]… those are some good cookies you make, too.)
Paul Copioli
Travis Covington
Madison Krass
Dave Lavery
Matt Leese
Ken Leung (I’m lucky enough to see him fairly often)
Cory McBride
Greg Ross
Joe Ross
Mike Soukup
Eric Stokely (I’m hella looking forward to seeing the guy who got me into FIRST)

and of course, BIG Mike (please no bearhugs… I’m very fragile :()

People I haven’t already met, but am hoping to see this year…

Chris Hibner (In 2003 Playoffs at Nats I told you your team wanted you, but that’s as close as I’ve come to talking to you, so far)
Karthik Kanagasabapathy
The Lall brothers
Ian Mackendzie
Brandon Martus
Amanda Morrison
Raul Olivera (I’ve been in awe of your robots since I first saw one in late 2000)
Ken Patton
Tom Schindler (I’ve heard nothing but good things about you )
Johnnie V

Ryan Morehart
Robo Hottie71
Elgin Clock
Brandon Martus
Burning Question
Arefin Bari
Lisa Perez
and i bet i’m forgetting some people…

and anybody else, really. if anybody sees me at a competition and wants to meet me just come up and introduce yourself. now i just need to get a picture up so people will actually know what i look like so they will know when they see me at a competition :rolleyes:

new people
Alex Cormier
ryan danyuax
elgin clock
Steven Lauzon
ben lauer
Dj fluck
Yan Wang
those crazy backwashing californians at IRI

Old people
Oh, you know why you are
ary fairy
beth sweet

drew (1251)
nathan pell
dan richardson
ryan albright
tiffanny lee
mike lee
britny daveies
peter (710)
mike walker
charles (1083)
andrew rudolph
gabe salas
bary bonzack
And More…

cool Canadians
Karthik Kanagasabapathy

the Elite
Andy Baker
Paul capoli
dave lavery
Mike Martus
Dr. joe jonson
ken Patton
ken leung

People iv'e never Managed to meet for some reason
Joe Ross
jeff waegelin
kyle gilbert

yes i know Your name may be spelled wrong. im sorry this was all off my head

Im working on trying to make it this year…if my team doesn’t qualify, i might be able to get down there and volunteer.

I look foward to meeting people this year…good luck finding me if my team isn’t there :stuck_out_tongue:

There are tons of people that i wanna see again, and i willing to say hi to anyone who comes looking

just a word of advise dont come running up to someone and say OMG OMG its <insert CDuser here> just remember to introduce yourself first.

FIRSTers I would like to meet and have met (this season)…


-Tytus Gerrish (179)
-Jaine Perotti (716)
-Neha Batra (1345)
-Alex (21)
-Amanda (179)
-Tiffany Lee (180)
-Brittany (180)
-Mary (180)
-Jess (103)
-Bharat Nain (25)
-Dan Richardson (1083)
-Ryan Albright (1083)
-Peter (710)
-Catherine (710)
-Kristine (710)
-Alex (1126)
-Corey (25)
-Mikey (179)
-Mike (179)
-Umit (179)
-Andrew (179)
-Billfred (1293)
-Dori (007)
-Michelle (236)
-Stina (236)
-Kristen (131-alumni)
-Shyra (771)
-Kyle (45)
-Barry (Harmony Team)
-Andrew (1251)
-Dave (1251)
-Kevin (1251)
-Abe (710-alumni)
-Ted Boucher (237)
-Scott Shaw (237)
-Lisa Perez (573)
-Courtney B. (1023)
-Courtney B. (111)
-Genia (461)
-Jake (134)
-Tom (195)
-Mike (303)
-Mike Walker (21)
-Harry (121)
-Jeff (173- alumni)
-Lisa (173)
-Cory (100-alumni)
-Dez (250-alumni)
-Tyler Wetzel (116-alumni)
-Carli (1089)
-Nadia (1369)
-Meli (86-alumni)


-Andy Baker (45)
-Dr. Joseph Johnson (47)
-Andy Brockway (716)
-John V. Neun (229)
-Paul Capioli
-Dave Lavery (116)
-Raul Olivera (111)
-Amanda Morrison (0000)
-Karthik Kanagasabapathy
-Nathan Pell (1083)
-Gary Dillard (180)
-Dan Quiggle (179)
-Warren Boudreau (180
-Andrew Rudolph (1083)
-George Wallace (1083)
-Greg Perkins (134)
-Ashley Weed
-Brandon Martus (47)
-Mike Martus (47)
-Elgin Clock (237)
-Jay (237)
-DJ Fluck (1646)
-Alan Skierkiewicz (111)
-Jim (107)
-Ron (107)
-Ian Mackendzie
-KokoEd (191)
-Big Mike (25)
-David Kelly (234)
-Rich Kressly
-Rich Wong
-Beth (1504)
-Andy Grady (126)
-David Kelso (131)

I apologize if I am missing anyone on the list.

People i have already met and would like to meet again:

Andy Baker
Paul Copioli
Tom Schindler
Raul Olivera
Dave Ferreira
Rick Blight
John Neun

People i would like to get a chance to meet:

Brandon Martus
Dave Lavery
Aidan Browne
Joe Menassa
Any CD posters :smiley:

People i see regularly but I am so glad to have these bright minds at my disposal that they deserve their own list:

John V.Neun
Chris Carnevale
Eric O’Brien
Adrienne Emerson
Jeremy Boire
Joel Johnson

  • sorry if i forgot anyone i know should be on here. This was a quick list off of the top of my mind.

I am going to have to write out an entire list of people I want to meet, and I think I’ll make a checklist and refuse to leave the city of Atlanta until I have shaken hands or given hugs to all of them.

I want to meet the big names in the CD community, most of which have already been mentioned here. I want to meet my friends on other teams in state, out of state, those I’ve met over the internet, and those that I have had conversations with eye-contact. But I mainly want to meet everyone who has helped me in some way shape or form with my rookie team this year. Anyone that has sent me information through mail, PM, or in the forums is on that list. I hope to meet every NEM on FIRST NEMO, especially Miss Jenny, AKA Robomom.

I had better get started on my list, I hope there are enough hours in a day to meet all of the exceptional engineers, mentors, and students that are in the FIRST community. Being in this community really feels like a part of a giant huge family.

Edit: hey guys, thanks to those who have added me to your lists. I am noticing a lack of team number to my name. FYI, I’m on 1604. Whomever wants to see please come to my pits if my team happens to make it… if my team doesn’t, anyone send me a PM before nats and we’ll figure something out.


What if some people that are on your list aren’t at nats? Gonna stay there for the next few years? :smiley:

I’ll want to meet everyone I can. No list - to me everyone is equally special - so no special list for me…:slight_smile:

There are so many people I’d love to meet…

First of all, one suggestion: Don’t make a new list guys, edit your old one. It’s gonna get sooo hard to keep track of if people just keep adding. :slight_smile: Someone mentioned me so I feel loved. I’m gonna add a list too!

People I’ve Already Met, but want to see again
Andy Morrison (71)
Kyle Love (45)
Joey Gannon (1388) (FLOORTAG! HA!)
Patrick Nice (447)
Scott Willson (Gaterunner) (180)
Ryan Dognaux (234)
Sam H (234)
Mike Ciance (25)
Xufer (521)

Students I Really Want To Meet!
Adam Levin (571)
Arefin Bari (108)
Barry Bonzack
Bharat Nain (25)
Brad Cahn (???)
Bridgette Blight (121)
Corey Balint (25)
Courtney Balcer (111)
Dorienne Plait (007)
Drew Disbury (???)
Henry (222)
Jake Gallagher (134)
Kristen Pennington (67)
Kyle (365)
Lisa Perez (573)
Matt Downs (180)
Max Lobovsky (1257)
Mike Leicht (303)
Pat McCarthy (67)
Scott Shaw (237)
Steve Salvatore (365)
Ted Boucher (237)
Tom Bottiglieri (195)

Other People I Really Want To Meet!
Elgin Clock (237)
Jessica Boucher
Bill Gold (254)
Billfred Leverette (1293)
Cory McB
Jeff (Ogre)
Katie Reynolds
Dave Lavery
Matt Attallah
Mike Debreuil (Spelling wrong, sorry!)
M. Krass
Alex Cormier

Ooompa Looompas!

That’s it for now, I’ll add as I go along. I’ll be at: Ypsilanti (freelance), BMR (w 461), Midwest (w 461), Nats (w 461)

Surprisingly, I meet **JVN and KoKo Ed ** today at the NJ Regional.
And thanks for the VERY COLL RAH CHA CHA RUCHUS T-shirt!

That’s two more famous CDer off my list of “People I want to meet.”

i would like to meet


I will be at FLR next weekend and GTR at the end of the month.

For Champs: come find me, if 229 qualifies I’ll be with them. If they don’t qualify i will be with 1126.