Pepsi vs. Coke

ok, im doing a research project for school on which is a better drink, Pepsi or Coke, and i could use your help.

Pepsi all the way. Coke is just too sweet.

ok this is how you get the best cola, you go to a bar, thats got it on Tap or something, and well since they have a box of the syrup that they add to water to get the drink. They usually don’t add enough water and you get more syrup than you should, though it has more of everything (except water duh) and its even more unhealthier it has more taste and it makes either better.

I voted for Pepsi since they haven’t been accused of violating Human Labor laws in Third World countries as much or frequently has Coke has.

I prefer Coke becuase of its syrupyness but, Pepsi is better if there isn’t enough water in it.

COKE ALL THE WAY. I hate Pepsi. Plus I live in Atlanta where it was made. Coke is so much better. They have a larger variety of products. Both of the companies copy each other with the different products
Dr. Pepper=Mr. Pibb
Sprite=Sierra Mist
Things like that. But coke is better.

Coke is # 1

I think both of them are absolutely disgusting.

I prefer the following beverages:

*Juice: Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Passionfruit, Guava, Apple, Orange, Banana, Carrot, Cranberry, Grape, etc., any combo of the above…
*Mango Lassi (yogurt drink)

And most importantly…


Caffeine is supposed to stunt your growth, and milk is supposed to make you grow. -_- Look what it’s done for me. I <3 Milk.


No really, Dr. Pepper is independent, check out all the details I-don’t-really-want-to-repeate-here-because-I’m-working-on-a-letter here.

I acutally like both. Depends what mood i am in. If i have a sweet tooth or want lime its def coke but any other time its pepsi

OK this is on subject i can relate to coke has way to much sugar and Pepsi is not only better tasting but last i checked it i cheaper to buy

yeah if I wasn’t a diehard Tab fan I wouldn’t acknowledge the exisitence of the company Coca- Cola. Therefore I <3 Tab and pepsi.

Pepsi, all the way. I was SO happy that the Hard Rock in Atlanta serves Pepsi. By far, the best restaurant there. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about sweetness… maybe it’s just me, but I always thought that Pepsi was sweeter. Coke is just a little too crisp for me.

Coke! Pepsi is too sweet. Coke is the classic, crisp, refreshing taste that everyone can enjoy. Plus all the other coke products crush their pepsi equivalents (with the exception of the mountain dew line). Plus coke makes a PINEAPPLE SODA! Gotta love Pineapple Fanta
Minute Made/Fanta (Orange)>Slice (Orange)
Sprite>Sierra Mist/Slice (Lemon Lime)-but all of those drinks taste horrible anyway
ect. ect. ect.


My family hath turneth me against the coca-cola… :eek: I used to be the only person in my family who drank coke… not any more…
I have turned on it over the years.

Even though I still collect Coca-Cola items and what not, I have to :shudder: admit that Pepsi is better.

The reason: It stays carbonated longer. Coke goes flat too fast.

<side topic> Yes, Dr. Pepper rox my world more than Coke or Pepsi does as well. :slight_smile: </side topic>

Maybe you should not use this poll in your research since it suffers from voluntary response bias… it’s not statistically valid. :eek:

Whatever conclusion he comes to is going to be invalid anyways. There is no way to prove which is better.

Well, if you base it on certain factors, as in “Which cola soft drink is sweeter?” or “Which cola soft drink stays carbonated longer?”, then you can say that it is “better” in that specific factor…

I’m a Coke addict. Wait, that didn’t sound right. Coca Cola that is. But seriously, if I don’t have it I go crazy. Not literally crazy, but you know how it is, I just HAVE to have my Coca Cola. I like it so much I was thinking of getting a fountain for my house.

Pepsi is okay too, but there is just something about Coke, (I have no idea what, but something) that makes me like it better.

Diet Coke though I cannot stand! That stuff is nasty. Regular all the way! Coke C2 is nasty too. They claim there is no taste difference but I sure find one.

What’s funny though is I like Coke over Pepsi, but I like Aquafina (pepsi product) over Dasani (coke product). And you all are wondering how on earth I can tell the difference right?

I have heard many peopl say that, but I just can’t see why. Then agian I can’t see teh difference between tap water and bottle water. But still, Coke is better.