Percentage of robots that will tip (poll)

Curious to see what the rest of CD thinks the percentage of robots that will tip atleast once during the regular season excluding those who fall during a climb will be.

  • 0-10%
  • 11-20%
  • 21-30%
  • 31-40%
  • 41-50%
  • 51-60%
  • 61-70%
  • 71-80%
  • 81-90%
  • 91-100%

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We’ll see a fair number, at least in weeks 1 and 2. There are too many tall shooters and climbers that are top-heavy and will be forced to go over the bars around the shield generator. I was just watching the video from 5826 showing off their auto beam balance mechanism and watched the robot have to be caught by team members as it was extending. We’ll be seeing more of that kind of thing. By week 3, modifications will be made and the number of tipping bots will fall off, but it will still be higher than what we saw for Deep Space.

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I’m pretty excited for the high speed collisions of robots going opposite directions in the shield generator. I think we’re going to see some of the hardest collisions since 2014.


Given the bumps I’d put money on atleast one of those full speed collisions during the season occuring while both robots are entirely off the ground.


Now that would be a great camera shot!


This just made me scared for teams Dukes of Hazzarding their robot into another that’s not off the ground, demolishing their upper structure


And this is why we build trench bots


I just imagine our hopper getting all bent from a slam

What if defense bots went 6443 style?

Since that would be a G25 violation, I think most teams will try to avoid it. After all, it’s both a tech foul and a yellow card, so definitely not something you want to end up doing.


I know what teams will try to not do it, but not trying to do and actually not doing it are 2 different things


Oooo. G25. Anthony, you want to be a ref?

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After tipping in Einstein finals 2018 we really wanted to build a robot that wouldn’t tip in 2019, but we still figured out a way to tip over.


That’s true talent. Tipping an un-tippable robot

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Yeah I didn’t think teams would do it intentionally but I’m still worried

Also i’m currently FTAAing and MC/GAing this season, don’t know if I can add refereeing to that :slight_smile:

For the past two years, we’ve tipped over once at each event (regular season and off season). But this year we aren’t making an elevator with a heavy carriage (a light elevator for climbing, and no carriage).

We built a tall boy, but he’s built like a linebacker, so I’m going to boldly claim that we will not tip over at every event.


Taller robots with a higher center of mass are more likely to tip over and since there’s a lower height limit this year, it’s far less likely that robots will tip. The exception to this is in climbing depending on the design. I’m guessing that most robot climb designs will be tip-safe, but a few teams might come up with a design that could tip.

Was that due to auto code going the wrong way or driver error? It seemed like the robot wanted to go to the left rocket if it was on the Hab level 2 in front of Driver station 1.

Being a ramp bot with a super low COG didn’t stop us from tipping last year

1:07 is where we tip on the other side of the cargo ship

@GaryVoshol: can you get a G25 without also getting a G24? If not, its actually a FOUL, TECH FOUL, and YELLOW CARD?

Per Q194, you could get a G25 without a G24: