Perfect Lunacy Solution:

Note the attached image. Cute and functional!

He needs bumpers… then I might believe it.

Illegal it doesn’t have rover wheels!:stuck_out_tongue:

IT’S TO CUTE, very nice I love it.

It extends past its bumper perimeter anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

needs rover wheels and one less camera and he exceeds the weight limit :frowning: that’d be cool though

I was going to say a mental hospital, but I like your idea better :smiley:

Does this mean we can find Orbit balls at Buy ‘n’ Large? Is that where Wall-e got his?


Haha you can get ANYTING at Buy 'n 'large

those ARE the Lunar wheels and the bumper they just got worn away over the 700 years he was left to clean up our planet

Hahaha, so great :slight_smile: