Perhaps my craziest fundraising idea yet!

Ok, I think we all know what an easter egg hunt is right?

  • Lets get some sort of valuable prize, (iPod, Laptop, Car, PSP, etc.)
  • Find a large field (highschool football stadiums work perfectly)
  • Get maybe a thousand or so eggs–the plastic variety such as these.
  • Mark one of the eggs and take a picture of the mark so there is no dispute.
  • Sell tickets to participate in the hunt at around 5-10% of the original price so only 20 people minimum are required to buy.
  • Turn this into a very large school event. Helps you spread your name and brings parents, teachers, and students together unlike any “Back-to-School Night” would.
  • Have food vendors go there to sell their wares, and–if possible–make them pay for the right to sell their goods there for the event.

Assuming that we get a donation of a couple iPods as long as the donator’s logo is displayed at the event, we advertise that there are 4 iPod headphones each hidden in 1 of 3000 eggs, whoever finds the headphones wins. A ticket to participate is $10.

My school has approximately 2500 students. Lets assume that 500 decide to participate.

Those 500 students each pay $10, and we have $5000 for team funding.
I went online and found a source for these plastic eggs and 3000 assembled plastic eggs cost $222.50. So after expenses, $4777.50 net profit assuming that your only expenses are the eggs.

The total cost of this entire event shouldn’t be too much over $500 depending on what you want there. (Inflatable jumping enclosures, carnival games, etc.) NOTE: Pony rides are not advisable on the track.

Don’t forget the simple fact that there doesn’t need to SPECIFICALLY be one hunt. You can make multiple hunts to encourage people to buy multiple tickets, technically multiplying your profitability.

This simple concept can also be turned into a team-building and cost-cutting experience. You could save $22.50 if you bought disassembled eggs and assembled them yourselves as a team.

Just my 2 eggs.

the fundraising idea i’ve come up with is having a Bakery/cafe open before and after school(i bake… its an obbsession… the guys on my team love me for it) fresh breads,muffins, and treats… well… turns out that it would compete with the cafeteria… so… we can’t :frowning: but it would be SOO AWESOME!!!

Yeah, as I found out the hard way, make sure to check with your school district before you actually put time and hard work into a fundraiser. Some school districts don’t allow certain things, and planning too far ahead without permission from the school may mean you waste a lot of time on an idea that you can’t do. The best thing to do is to get a copy of your school’s fundraising policy or asking people who would know what is or isn’t allowed in your school.

But really, if you have a crazy idea that you think might work, go for it! It might become really big, but just make sure you can actually do it before you start going out and buying supplies.

Point taken.

I’ve been coming up with a bunch of wacky ideas and I’m trying to get some constructive feedback. (Tell me WHY you like/don’t like it)

So, announcing crazy fundraiser #2

Monopoly Tournament

Hasbro has offered as part of its corporate giving strategy free monopoly games to be used in a tournament. So game access is covered.

All you really need is some sort of venue to play. You can ask local businesses to sponsor tables and perhaps a large corporation to sponsor the final table. Do remember to charge a lesser value for preliminary round tables and make the final round more expensive.

Try to get as much media attnetion as possible for this.

Why play Monopoly when you can play RISK?

Because Hasbro gives free Monopoly games for tournaments.

We are pleased to be able to offer your group complimentary* MONOPOLY® games for use in your tournament, as well as three other games for prizes. In order for you to receive these games, please mail the completed Event Registration Form (include a street address, we cannot deliver to a P.O. Box) to Hasbro Games, 443 Shaker Road, East Longmeadow, MA 01028 or fax it to 413-526-4820.

Another pretty radical fundraiser could involve Poop-Pool

Find a field or so and divite it into as many squares as possible and give each square coordinates. (B4 we C2 to…)

Get a well fed dog, or some sort of animal.

the object of this game is to guess which square the dog will poop in.

You sell squares to people for X amount of dollars and the winner wins some pre-set amount (percentage of proceeds are especially attractive).

Remember to set rules should the dog poop on a line, poop while walking, etc.

Plane Pull

Look for some sort of heavy vehicle or something similar, your robot could work here.

Charge an entry fee for people/teams.
Make people bet as to who would get

  • Fastest Pull
  • Longest distance
  • Best efficiency. (total weight of person or team divided by distance covered per minute.)
  • etc.

the winner will get some sort of prize (could be somethign like an ipod, laptop, etc.)

Helps spread the word, and help move cars without wasting gas :smiley:

Has anyone tried this monopoly idea?
It seems interesting. Maybe we should try it out. Does anyone has any publicity ideas?



go door to door selling Robot Damage Insurance. For the meager price of $5 you will insure the homeowner against any and all damage caused to their home or their car by wayward robots, for the next calender year.

Bring your robot with you, program it to twitch and look somewhat unpredictable.

for an extra $5 they can get a Spacecraft Damage Rider, which covers any and all damage caused by spacecraft, domestic or alien.

As for the Poop-Pool we had something like that in high school. It was called the cow chip raffle, parents sold tickets for $10 for about 6 months (it’s a HUGE fundraiser if you do it right) and on our town’s annual Day in the Park, an area was fenced off, marked by squares and a well fed cow was allowed in for a few hours. Each person buys a square, you could allow them to choose or not, I don’t believe ours do, it’s just a grid layed down on the ground that the cow walks over.

If anyone wants more information about this, I’m pretty sure I can get more. Key note, always have a back-up cow.

yeah, then you have some nice 78 year old lady institutionalized because she goes home and tells her kids “the cow at the park poo’d on my square of grass so they gave me $500!”

Mom, where did you get all this money?

“I told you, at the park, there was a cow, and there were robots, and all these kids in psychodelic shirts and hats…”

publicity ideas:

1)Tell the local paper. They always know that something like this is better than talking about yet another murder, rape, retirees, etc.

2)Try to set a theme in the venue according to the game. At the place where I want to hold the tournament, I picture various monopoly spaces set around the walls, monopoly theme music (Come on lets play monopoly!), and someone dressed up as Mr. Monopoly.

3)Read the packet that Hasbro provides. They give some ideas of their own.

Thanks a 1,000,000(million),
How much should we charge per player and what should we do about the prize? Thanks for the great idea!!

Well, first off, consider how many people your venue can hold. Now get as many people as you possibly can to preregister for the competition (it takes 4-6 weeks according to Hasbro inorder for them to process the information.) Give yourself plenty of time to get things set up and cleared.

What should happen is that you send the registration form plus advertising and a list of preregistered players to Hasbro. They then send you a bunch of games in return (1 gme for every 5 or 6 players)

Then after that you send out as many public service announcements, and press releases as possible, get as much coverage for the event as possible.

You could have local businesses sponsor a player or even a table. I participated in a tournament where a business would donate $.01 for every monopoly dollar I earned throughout the tournament. One person managed to assume a total $50,000 between 3 rounds of play.

Hold your event and have as many people as possible come on down to watch it.

Remember that these people need to eat so have some way of providing food for the audience and participants (that could be included in the entrance fee)


I’m personally trying to start a small pilot tournament at a local school in Northern New Jersey. If there is anyone willing to help please let me know.