Periodic loss of coms with driver station.

I’m looking for avenues to debug my current comms issues.

During the build season the drivers were commenting on periodic interruptions in smooth driving of the robot. Now on investigation there seems to be some real issue that I can’t find the cause for.

It manifests itself on a regular 68 second interval (close to 65.6 :slight_smile: and it can be best observed if the compressor is running. It turns the regular compressor noise into a burp;burp:burp noise that sounds like and old motor boat. It lasts for about 5 seconds total and then disappears. The DS status screen gives WDT errors during the interruption.

If I look at the Driver Station log charts, I see a burst of lost packets, with a cycle time that ramps up in steps and then goes back to normal. It’s 100% predictable & repeatable. I went back through the logs and it’s been happening ever since we started running the robot.

This happens in teleop disabled AND enabled. I don’t run vision in teleop, so it’s not being starved. It’s fairly basic mechanum driving code with gyro. Just using PWM motor drives. CPU stays at about 50% for the duration.

My only insight is that when I ran the driver station code on another laptop, it went away, so it appears that it’s computer related, not robot code ??

Both machines were running windows 8, although the normal driver station was an HP 2-in-one with touch screen.

I pulled up the Task Manager to see if I could see any change when the burst occurs, but all I see is a drastic DROP in network traffic during the interruption. All the other metrics seem normal and flat.

So… Anyone see anything like this?

Here’s another person reporting similar (but not the same) symptoms.