Periodic Table of the Stacks

I made this as a quick reference for the point values of all stacks and individual items in Recycle Rush. I think I ironed out all of the mistakes after getting called out on Reddit, but let me know if there are any omissions or errors.

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You win the Internet.
You are amazing, this is amazing. Speechless

Awesome job!
Totally putting this somewhere in our workspace.

:yikes: :slight_smile: Thank you! :smiley:

It is most beautiful… and will probably end up being my background for the next 6 weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just saying, you forgot to add an image for the 8 points for a recycling bin in autonomous, other than that, Great Job!

This helps us with scoring scenarios - Thanks!

My new desktop background, thanks!

You’re missing all the Set scores, but I’m not sure how you’d fit those in.

My official PC background till next years game releases! Thanks for doing this, not only does it look amazing but it will help during scoring discussion.

FIRST should ask to use that as an official graphic at events. It explains the scoring really well.


You’re right. Like I said, I only did individual items and stacks, mostly so it would fit in a table.

So good, I’ve already printed a copy and put it in the hardcopy manual. Thanks!

This is amazing. One question though, is the recycling container 0 and 6 for litter on top doable? I thought litter only scored if the recycling container was scored:

Each LITTER can be scored in one (1) of three (3) ways:
A. in or on a scored RECYCLING CONTAINER,
B. in the Red or Blue LANDFILL ZONE, or
C. as UNPROCESSED LITTER on either the Red or Blue side of the FIELD.

Where do you see that played out? I don’t see it on the chart anywhere.

And yes, you are correct, I just don’t see it in the chart.

Ah sorry, I was looking at a different version here.