Periodic Task Data --> Robot Data

As far as I know I’m not doing anything incredibly wrong, but editing clusters such as Robot Data is very tedious. Instead of changing both the Robot Data and Periodic Tasks variables to, generally, hold the same information, I just decided to take out the latter. I can imagine how this may not make Labview extra happy, but will it make a serious difference?

am i dumb.bmp (30.7 KB)

am i dumb.bmp (30.7 KB)

You get to decide what you want. The template just put some references in the periodic tasks but even didn’t do anything when them. The Robot Data is primarily for the teleop. You can always write that to a global if you like.

Greg McKaskle

I believe the way you have it in the picture, the periodic tasks will not run until the while loop ends, which is probably not what you want. You should run the RobotData wire from before the while loop.

I tried to do something similar yesterday. I deleted periodic data completely, and used RobotData from the global variable. This worked sometimes and didn’t work some times. I realized that in that case, there was no data dependency from begin to periodic tasks, so they started at the same time. I could be using hardware in periodic tasks that wasn’t opened yet in begin. I then added a data dependency so that periodic tasks wouldn’t run until begin finished, and everything is working fine.

Hmph, thanks. I might as well just make a global cluster with what I need.