Perseverance Rover Landing 2/18/21

Haven’t seen recent discussions about this so here are some helpful links if you’re interested!

Mark Rober’s Crash Course:

Main Rover Landing Page:

Livestream of landing:

NASA TV broadcast from Mission Control starts at 11:15 a.m. PST / 2:15 p.m. EST / 19:15 UTC

After Landing:

  • Latest News on Mission Website
    As the rover begins its mission at Jezero Crater, visit the mission website for the latest news and images every day.
  • Where is the Rover?
    This interactive map will let you see where the rover is on Mars. Once the rover starts driving, the traverse path and latest odometry will display automatically.
  • Raw Images
    Once the rover lands, see the latest images the rover sends back here. Vote for your favorite to become “Image of the Week.”
  • Sounds of Mars
    Try this audio experience to hear what you might sound like on Mars. Once the rover sends back recordings from its two microphones, you’ll be able to hear those audio files too.
  • Stay Connected
    Get regular updates about landing, news, science, images, TV programming and some of our new web experiences. Sign up here.

Assuming I nailed the timezone, this is for people who don’t want to convert timezones.


That’s when the broadcast starts. The actual landing (hopefully) will be about an hour and a half after that.


Less than 10 minutes for landing!!!

Based on historical evidence, I have determined that the appropriate good-luck charm is present.

Some may attribute this to the peanuts, but I choose Oilite.


Touchdown Confirmed, Safe on Mars!!

First image of landing site via cameras on rover


Let’s gooooo!

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Congratulations to the entire Mars 2020 mission team for another successful landing on the red planet!

Martian News Network reports Earth successfully continues its multi-pronged attack on Mars

The most Illustrious Council of Elders has decried this latest humiliation inflicted upon its noble citizens by the latest mechanical invader from the blue planet. K’breel, speaker for the Council, stressed that this most recent insult would not be taken lightly:

“We ordered a Tesla, but we got this weird 6-wheel thing instead. Would not buy again.”


They do not grok in fullness.

I figured the Tesla was a long shot.

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Unfortunately, the Tesla was not ordered with the Skycrane package, and thus could not be delivered to the surface. Please send a launcher up to collect it on its next orbital pass.


I’m not sure I’d complain about that. 6 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, better cameras, more cameras, lasers, never needs to be plugged in to recharge, and far more sophisticated autopilot.

And unlike Tesla, our engineers can work around flash memory wear.


But no wing doors.


I wonder how many FIRST Alums or mentors were directly or indirectly responsible for the rover’s success today. It’s fun to think about.


I wouldn’t trust anything that K’breel is saying. He’s the Martian equivalent of the Foreign Minister of Iraq in 2003. He keeps claiming victory over the invading robot army.

I know that there’s a minimum of one alum on Ingenuity. I can think of a couple mentors who worked on past rovers and may have migrated.

A 4646 alumnus worked on Perseverance.

If he had a nickel for every time he worked on a robot named Percy, he’d have two nickels


That bot has a great auto-mode but I think it lost its hanging mechanism during the landing.