Personal Awards

So, another year is over. I think it is time for all of us Chiefdelphi posters to give away some “online” awards. Kind of like at competitions how teams give away awards. So, I will kick it off!

Best team award (robot): 67 Team HOT
Best team award (overall): 330 Beach Bots
Best Spirit: 1023 Bedford Express (gotta’ love the spirit train)
Best Pit: 236 TechnoTicks
Coolest design: 340 G.R.R.
Best Rookie: 1671 Buchanan Robotics
Best mentor: Kit Gerhart and Paul Copioli
Most recognizable team: 111 Wildstang
Best pit cart: 94 TechnoJays

So, give out your end of the year awards! :cool:

Highest Quality Robot: RAWC 968
Most Effective Robot in Game Play: Cheesy Poofs 254
Best new idea for drive system: 1097 (shaft drive, no chains).

Best team award (robot): 33 killer bees
Best team award (overall): 67 Team HOT
Best Spirit: 1547 where’s waldo
Best Pit: 48 delphi e.l.i.t.e.
Coolest design: 279 tech fusion
Best Rookie: 1559 devil tech
Best mentor: Mike Bortdfelt
Most recognizable team: 233 Pink
sweetest arm movements: 1305, niagra first triplettes
best Rochester team: 191 - FLR champs, 340 - FLR chairmans

Best team award (robot): 56 Robbe Xtreme
Best team award (overall): 330 Beach Bots-gotta agree
Best Spirit: 103 is always up for cheering
Best Pit: 222-cleanest pit i have ever seen in my life.
Coolest design: 279
Best Rookie: 1676
Best mentor: I gotta go with Paul aswell.
Most recognizable team: 111 Wildstang-you cant mistake their colors for anyone else’s.
Most Effective Robot in Game Play: Cheesy Poofs 254-definitely the best single robot on the field.

Best team award (robot): 279 Tech Fusion. I just love their robot.
Best team award (overall): 118.The Robonauts. I really did think they were going to win the Chairman’s Award. And Chainzilla was good too.
Best Spirit: 1547 Where’s Waldo? Those girls were some serious fun.
Best Pit: 118. It looked as good as the Hall of Fame booths.
Coolest design: 179. Beuatiful little robot and quick too. They were awesome partners.
Best Rookie: 1511 Rolling Thunder.
Best mentor: Kim O’ Toole. She willed 1511 into a competitive FIRST program and they are already a big part of the Rochester FIRST scene.
Most recognizable team: 233 the Pink team. Nobody else looks like them.
Best pit cart: 68. Truck Town Thunder.

Best Drive System/Wheels: 357’s Jester Drive
Best team: 330
Best robot: 179
Most recognizable: 111, 223
Best pit: 868
Best cart: Whoever pulled theirs with a truck (Don’t remember #)

Best team award (robot): man there are so many but some are 33, 67, 330, 217, 233, 65, 45, 71, 245, 254, 27, 56, 64, 47, 279, and 66.
Best team award (overall): 67, well they did win national chairman’s
Best Spirit: 47, they may be the cross-town rival but they do know how to cheer.
Best Pit: 503, I love the design of their pit.
Coolest design: 279, the whole backpack thing is crazy good,
Best Rookie: 1592, I think that is their number, they were number one over in ARCH. for along time.
Best mentor: If you signed my shirt then you are a best mentor. Some names are JVN (229), Ken Patton (65), Paul Copioli (217), Bill Beatty (71), and Dave Lavery (116), not in any particular order of coarse.
Most recognizable team: 233, they wear pink shirts for goodness sake, and 111, you can’t miss that tie-die.
Best pit cart: 68, Truck Town Thunder.

1305 was not one of the triplets. Perhaps you mean 1503?

My list:

Best team award (robot): 233
Best team award (overall): 330
Best Spirit: 47
Best Pit:
Coolest design: 279
Best Rookie: 1680
Best mentor: Steve Kyramarios
Most recognizable team: 111
Most Effective Robot in Game Play: 254, without a doubt.

Bahh, we got the best award that really made the entire team laugh at buckey:
“Best Purple tetra spinning in the Sky” I cant remember who gave it to us, im im really tired to go try and find out, but thanks!

Anyone who went to Buckeye will understand this, i personally think it was probably one of the most unique pit element between what i saw at Pitts and Buckeye :smiley:

Best robot: Tie-330 and 233
Best team: 67
Best mechanical eye-candy: 118 (sweetest looking machine I have seen in quite some time)
Most recognizable: 233
K.I.S.S. award:254, simple and extremely effective
Top Rookie:1592
Best state award: Michigan, two of the division winning alliances had 2 michigan teams each
Runner-up State: California, the other members of those alliances where from CA.
Rising Star Award: 980, their archimedes semi-final appearance proved that 980 will be a team to deal with in the future
Dominant Alliance award: Newton, they went 10-1 through-out the eliminations and took home the title
Coolest shirt award: 1014, Bad Robot

Best Championship:
3rd place-233
2nd place-254
1st place-67

If you have been to the LA regional you would have known that since 2003. :slight_smile: They are not just a rising star, but something more like a supernova! (in a good way of course)

gotta give an rising up award of some sort to 179…they have had the greatest season ever since the founding of the team…worked so hard and was soo close…

most reconizable…233 all 75 of them yeah…they take up enough room and 111 of course…

best robots: 179, 330, 67
best arm design: 279 (love ya guys…thanks for pickin us)
best cart year after year: truck town for sure

have to give a pat on the back to my fellow s.p.a.m.mers for our robot and it’s final play of the day…an award goes for everyone keeping cool during that match…nobody dropped dead :wink:

Best team award (robot): I liked 229 Clarkson
Best team award (overall): Everyone! :slight_smile: haha *
Best Spirit: 1126 Sparx
Coolest design: 340 G.R.R.
Best Rookie: 1511 Rolling Thunder
Best mentor: *Kim O’Toole ** - For everything. She is amazing.
Most recognizable team: 233 Pink

Ive been hearing about them since 2003, and I saw them win the 2004 IRI. But 1 or 2 years isnt enough to claim a team is developing a history of success. So I waited to see if they will do well this year. And in the last 3 seasons, they have done spectacular, and the 2005 championship event proved that. That is why I gave them the “Rising Star” award. But yeah, the certainly do have the potential to be a “red giant” or something to that level!

Best team award (robot): 173
Best team award (overall): 67
Best Spirit: 1547
Best Pit: 1305
Coolest design: 71
Best Rookie(s): 1596 & 1511
Best Mentor(s): Ken Patton (65) and Andy Baker (45)
Highest Quality Robot: 1305
Most Effective Robot in Game Play: 245
Most Efficient Design: 229 & 217
KISS Award: 121 & 254
Best Autonomous Mode: 980

Best team award (robot): oh too many to pick 1
Best team award (overall): 67
Best Spirit: 47, their team spirit scared the livin bejeeves outta the parents of my kids
Best Pit: 1508, they had a pvc pipe predone pit with a projector and a powerpoint presentation… it was cool
Coolest design: 85 just cuz it looked super cool
Best Rookie(s): 1596
Best Mentor(s): Karthik cuz he works his rear off for all three teams and everything else he does and Walt Hickok (67) who cares more about the real meaning of FIRST than any person I have ever met
Highest Quality Robot: didn’t see it in person but 71 looked darn good
Most Effective Robot in Game Play: 67, they made it look so easy
Most Efficient Design: wait, isn’t this the same as the last question?
KISS Award: didn’t see any simple robots, they all looked pretty complex…
Best Autonomous Mode: 33 hands down

Best team award: Every single Team in FIRST.
Best team award (overall): 217
Best Pit: 229
Coolest design: 237, the machine was very effective, simple, and it did what it needed to do.
Best Rookie(s): 1646
Best Mentor(s): There are few I would like to mention… Andy Baker, John V. Neun, Paul Copioli, Karthik Kanagasabapathy.
Highest Quality Robot: 67
Most Effective Robot in Game Play: 179
Most Efficient Design: 233
KISS Award: 121.
Best Autonomous Mode: 233

Best auto mode: 233 (when it worked, sometimes they had some hang-ups with running into other robots and such)
Honorable mention: 254, they went 40 for 40 of capping the vision tetra on the center goal with their practice bot, but for some reason it didnt work with their actual bot
Most reliable autonomous mode: 118, knocked the corner down and capped the middle every time I saw them try it
Most intimidating bot: 71
Most fun to watch play: 997, to watch them stack so many tetras at a time was awe inspiring
Great Mentors: Andy Baker (45), Karthik Kanagasabapathy (114, 1503, 1680), and Paul Copioli (217)

Best team award (robot): 233

Best team award (overall): 330

Best Pit: 1515 (DANG! For rookies that was incredible!)

Coolest design: 111

Best Rookie(s): 1515 (90210 strikes again)

Best Mentor(s): Steve Kyramarios, Andy Baker, Paul Copioli… I can go on for a long time…

Highest Quality Robot: 56

Most Effective Robot in Game Play: 217

Most Efficient Design: 233

KISS Award: 22 & 254 (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it)

Best Autonomous Mode: 233 & 492 (If 492’s had worked more reliably)

I’ll post more later on :slight_smile:


This is what I get for telling people (even on our own team) what we have been doing. Things get blown out of proportion, and people start making up their own “facts” and all of a sudden we’re capping “10 out of 10” or “40 out of 40” or “capping both vision tetras on the center goal in 10 seconds.” Truth be told, we only spent ~20 working hours on anything related to the vision tetras. We were about an hour’s work on the practice field away from integrating our vision tetra programming when we realized that our old auton (knock down hanging tetra and cap near-side middle goal, then run towards autoloader) wasn’t working, so we had to scrap that hour of work on the practice field on Thursday in favor of trying to fix that other autonomous mode. Thanks to the rampant rumors about our exploration and fantasy success with the vision tetras at Nationals this year, I’ve got a feeling that if we’re going to do something super cool like that in 2006 that we won’t be sharing it until it’s done in competition for the first time.

Heh, sorry. Thats just what I heard. But hey, the fact that you even got around to getting a vision system even coming close to working puts you among a select few! I mean we really never even came close, and I know many a team didnt even attempt it.