Personal Computer Problem With FRC Driver Station

Sorry if this seems a simple question, im new to this…

I am a new member to my school’s robotics team (team 67, last years world champs! :D) and i have discovered a major problem. When i open the FRC Driver Station on my laptop and enter our team number to configure it, my laptop instantly crashes. Originally, an error message (blue screen, random black bars covering parts of it) told me that it was a physical memory crash and recommended i update my BIOS. I have since done this, and now the same thing continues to happen, just with a different error message (cant quite read it, stupid black bars covering it and the text is all screwy >.>). can ANYONE help with this, or has anyone else encountered the same problem? Im running it on na HP Pavilion dv7 with 64bit vista. any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Download bluescreenview. It should be able to look at the records from the BSoD. Take a look at the bluescreen version and also the stack it displays. That should tell you what caused the crash

Depends on the specific specs of the computer, but I’d recommend installing the latest version of your chipset drivers and your ethernet drivers (they may be the same thing).

im kind of stumbling around in the dark here, but i think i got it down.

As far as the bluescreenview goes, i cant really comprehend what the error means, so im gonna have my dad look at it when i get the chance. xD

Now your personal recommendation. I have the most recent ethernet drivers according to the hp site, so thanks, but i havnt really gotten anywhere. xP
advise was still helpful, thanks a ton!