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ok here is for you reviews ala the title… but PLEASE PLEASE!!! use SPOLERS tags if you are going to go indepth about the story or create a thread with the heading EPISODE 3 SPOLIERS or something…

But i will say this and only this… This was by far in my opinion the BEST hands down moive of the prequel - trilogy…

This definately blew episodes one and two away, then pushed them back just a little farther just to make sure. Amazing effects, great way to end the pre-trilogy, and overall just awesome.

Minor Spoiler

R2D2 Is the most awesome robot… ever (Besides maybe Johnny-5 :rolleyes: )

End Spolier

so, just my personal opinion, the star wars series now sits 4,5,3,6,2,(anything else remotely to do with star wars), then 1

myself and three other friends were fortunate enough to be picked out of the line in front of united artist theater in Indianapolis to view an exclusive Wednesday 7:30 showing. after craping our pants, we cleaned up and went back to stand in line to see it again at 12:01 Thursday morning :ahh:

its now 3:30 am on Thursday, and after seeing it twice, IT IS AW SOME, a very fine way for Lucas to redeem himself after making ep 1 and 2

my only criticism of ep3 was that spoiler? Darth Vader was Rockey “ADREEEANNN!” (you know what I’m talking about if you have seen it :wink: )

I haven’t seen the movie yet but here is a spoiler for you… Anakin Skywalker turns into Darth Vader. Thats the end of the movie isn’t it? lol

In my opinion,a very good movie. A great way for Lucas to end the ~28 year Star Wars legacy. The CG was awesome, score was awesome, it was just awesome. The only thing that bugged me was that spoileryou can’t kill Samuel L. Jackson.end spoiler

I agree with all the previous posts. A totally awesome movie, especially at 12:01 AM! :smiley: I’m not going to post my lengthy review of it here, just link you to it:

Warning: The thread at this link contains many many many spoilers.

(It’s the 1st reply, by MrToast ;))


It would be worth skipping school for. Yes. It’s that good. :wink:

After two tries George finally got the new Star Wars right. Right at the end. The action was fine in the other movies as it was in this one but what those other films lacked was emotional weight. Now while it isn’t on the level of LOTR Anakins fall into the Dark side was truly interesting and emotionally compelling aided by a far better performance by Hayden Christensen who managed to unclench his teeth and mouth words.Truly this was Lucas finest hour. 8 out of 10.

P.S: One big complaint I had about this movie was the treatement of General Grievious in the movie. He was just plain cool in the Clone Wars series and here he is this slimy little coward who scurries off during a fight instead of the butt kicker we saw in Episode 20. Real lame George and it cost you a point.

I agree with you 100%, BUT you have to agree that spoiler Grievious’ quad lightsaber attack was KILLER, albeit even if it was no match for obi-wan

I thought it was really good. Just a couple things:

Was it just me, or did Vader look…skinny, sorta. Granted, different guy in the suit, but still…

Also, again maybe just me, but Natalie Portman seemed to be very sub-par, acting wise. Looking Anakin in the face and saying “Obi-wan told me things. Like that…sniff… you turned to the dark side!” in a tone of voice typically associated with someone saying “And you’ve been arriving late for work…”
Seemed to me him turning to the dark side was a little more significant than that…

Alright, you dishonest fellows, I’ll be the first to admit it then: I was sobbing at the end. Totally heartbroken.

I mean, c’mon. So much stuff happens, and we know how everybody ends up being in Episode 4, but watching the stuff happen that leads up to it was very touching.

I found it interesting to see Anakin fluctuate throughout. Christensen was finally able to give Anakin Skywalker the depth of character (to some extent) that he needs.


have you seen The Star Wars Holiday Special?

I’m still in therapy because of that.

Great story, Great special effects, No Jarjar and lots of Yoda.

Sadly, the dialog was just pathetic. I’ve seen better in high school plays. I still can’t believe that anyone involved in the production of that movie didn’t just smack Lucas over the head for that and banish him from the set on the days when the actors had to speak. While they where at it, they could have written a halfway decent love scene for Anakin and Padme.

It’s worth 8 dollars just to see Yoda go to town, but when the audience is laughing during what is supposed to be a tender moment between two lovers, you know you have another sub par Lucas movie.

Didn’t even come close to redeeming the last two, in my book.

-Andy A.

I guess i’ll be the first one to say this here, i thought episode III was terrible

one the positive side, the special effects were very impressive, and there were a few good battle moments (yes, only a few). the scene with obi-wan and grievous COULD have been an awsome battle, but it was terribley done. yoda and R2 had a few cool parts, but they were the highlight. the acting was good at some times and shameful at others. the dialogue was worse. the last scene, where anakin emerges as darth vader, started out good, but was then ruined by corniness - especially in the closing seconds of the movie. i wasn’t the only person laughing out loud at moments that were meant to be serious or dramatic.

i really like the other movies, but this one has left me very disappointed. this is worse than the middle-movie in your average trilogy, and her it is the ending to what was supposed to be one of the best

EDIT: I left this sitting for a while before i posted it, looks like Andy A. agrees with me on the dialogue.

hmm, its a bit hard to be tense in a film thaty ou know the ending of. best of last 3 though

My review is here. There’s some language and exaggeration involved, and I didn’t want to post anything offensive directly on here.
Note: These are just opinions. No hate Rep or PMs. Please.

Episode III is defiantly the best out of the first three star wars. Episode I and II make a alot more sense when you see the third one.

Basically the third movie ties together how the Sith (Palptine) fooled everyone to eventually gain the power of the republic and turn it into the galactic empire. It was ironic in a way that all of the good guys in the movie helped him to execute his plan.

The only thing that I was disappointed is that it did not answer the question about Vader’s last line in Return of the Jedi to Luke, “Tell your sister that you were right about me”

Other than that Episode III defiantly has the most action out all of them. Some parts were really stretching it, but its Star Wars, it is supposed to be like that.

i loved it personally b/c i love yoda and R2D2…they are my heroes :slight_smile:

it did tie everything in pretty well…so i was happy about that one

jar jar binks was like only seen twice but not hearing his crazy voice…lol

One of the many blessings given to viewers from the movie…