Personal FRC Battery Charger

I am working on a project to build my own FRC bot, and I was wondering what would be a good charger for just a few battery’s at a time


Basically any automatic battery charger for 12v lead acid batteries will work, just make sure the charge current doesn’t exceed 6a (max charge rate for our batteries)


I have a couple of the AndyMark 1-bank chargers. No complaints!


Hard to beat the Dual Pro RS series chargers. I’ve used these before, and they work well, but take a little longer

I’ve also thought this would be a good budget option.

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Define “few” batteries and the other question is how fast do you need to be able to use them again?

If you are going to have multiple chargers and don’t require them to be available as quick as possible this is a good choice.

Both are proper maintainers that will switch to float mode when the battery is fully charged and it comes with a disconnect in the output cables and multiple connection options so easy to put the Anderson connector on the ones with the ring terminals and still have the clamps to use on a car battery. Plus it is from a brand with a good reputation at a reasonable price. Yes it will take longer than a 6A charger but not 3x as long since that 6A charger will spend a lot of time only putting out 2A or so.

If you really need it as soon as possible and you can afford to spend a little more then I’d go with this. Again a trusted brand and a decent price.

Like four total, but probobly only need to charge two batteries at a time

We’ve bought several of the Noco Gen5x1 and been happy with them so far. Small, reasonably priced, 5A with “smart” charging features. We haven’t had good luck with the DualPro (we have two of the 3-channel ones and both have issues).

Not sure why you would bother with an FRC battery if you were not constrained by the rules. I would just pick up a Hobby lipo battery and charger. There are inexpensive ones all over amazon.


mainly because i am thinking of donating it to my team when i am done with it. but thanks for the suggestion!

And if this is just a home project and you’re not going to need to rush to recharge batteries like you would at a competition, then you can charge the batteries at 2a and 4a (we charge ours at 4a). It’ll help make sure your batteries last longer.

1293 has six of these chargers that @AllenGregoryIV put us onto in late 2019. $50, compact enough that having six isn’t a big deal, good indicators (we did tape over the markings above the lights since the two battery-shaped diagrams made it harder to glance at), and the only failures we’ve had with them since putting them into service were where the SB50 connector pulled out–entirely our fault since it doesn’t ship with them installed.

We also own the Dual Pro RS3 like many others, and we’re happy with it too.

alright thanks everyone for your feedback!

Our team has gone to using these the noco 2amp

I just purchased this Noco 5x2 for a t-shirt launcher that we have. I also plan on trying out the “repair” function to try to bring some of our batteries back to life for our many practice bots.

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