Personal, Non-FRC project, Need Encoder Guidance

Hello everyone. As my personal project for a while now, I have been doing extensive research on BB-8 and finally have compiled & bought most of the necessary parts to get started.

The main mechanism to drive BB-8 forward is via a single BAG motor @ 240:1 reduction driving a belt and pulley system to a pair of Miter Swivel gears. This spins the axle rod either forward or back. The other mechanics aren’t too important for my question in this thread.

I am working on a completely custom controller using an arduino nano hooked up to an HC-05 with Adafruit’s joystick modules to control the motors with various buttons & switches for lighting effects and such.

My question is this: Can I connect a versplanetary VEX encoder to a Roboclaw 2x30 without much hinderance?

The reason why I am not asking on the BB-8 Builders Club forums is because any product related to FRC is better to be asked by you guys.

The encoder in question has a quadrature (A/B channels) output and an absolute (PWM) output. Assuming you only need velocity control, if the Roboclaw takes one or both of those, then you’re set.

Thanks, I was just unsure because the description for the product listed it as a CTRE product, but did not say whether it could be applied to other Motor Controllers. Dumb question, what specific cable would I buy for this.

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