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Hello CD,

Kind of a weird post I am making. So I am the team captain and design lead for team 5161. Our season just ended and it was my last season competing as a student. In the time I have till I leave for college I am planning on designing and making a FRC style robot for myself as almost a memory. All I really have right now is a full set of 4in mechanum wheels. I am just wondering what you all think I should do with this robot? Any mechanisms or game piece ideas? I am kind of stuck in my own thoughts on what I should do. I would love some Ideas! Thank you all.



If I were doing that I would look at the past robots that I’ve had a decent amount of input on, take my favorite part of each robot, and mash them together into a whole new robot.



Swerve drive with a 360 degree rotating turret that can shoot American footballs.
Oh, I forgot the quadcopter bit.



Sounds like a great project, but I would personally make it significantly smaller than a competition robot, maybe even smaller than FTC size. Then, once you get out on your own, you won’t have the proverbial 125lb elephant in the room taking up space.
Now is a great time to do personal projects- the excitement of the season is still fresh, the components you will need are dirt cheap, and there are tons of tutorials out there. Best of luck.



We did a 20x20 robot in off season last year, and with NEOs or MiniCIMs, you can do go even smaller. I’d aim for a ball shooter (or Frisbee, if you’re feeling ambitious). You want something you can play with in college. A robot that fires Frisbees would be a hit at college.



Swerve mechanum, I see no problem with that

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I am just having troubles deciding what game piece I would want to do.

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Now THAT is where the Mecanum wheels come in.



For Mecanum look at 971’s 2016 intake its pretty sick. We used that for our 2019 robot and it works wonders.



My personal robot project was a super mini robot geared stupid fast.
Dimensions: 15" x 15" . Weighs less then 30 pounds. Geared for 32 ft/s. Doubles as both a testbench for testing sensors or testing paths for autos etc, and as a fun “toy” to just drive around.

I can see you taking a platform like this and adding a Frisbee shooter on top (Frisbee shooters are probably the most compact mechanism in terms of different game pieces).



Nice I love your Nut bot! Also great CAD of the wires



Use real brushless motors that take 8s batteries