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Shameless plug time! Where’s your personal site? Mines and it’s hosted on my P133 w/ 80mb RAM, 500mb+1.3gb(storage) in the kitchen of my apartment. It’s running Apache, mySQL, PHP, Perl, Postfix, Qpopper, SSHd, Proftpd, Oidentd, Tetrinetd, and locally ntop and vnc.

Hosted by a company called 1and1 which had a free hosting promo a lil while back. The same package hosts our team web page, (which, actually, you can reach through just as well as - it’s the same server). Their free package included 500 megs, 5 gig transfer a month, and a bunch of other stuff I haven’t had time to learn yet… :wink:

Not much on my personal page yet, my free time is kinda occupied with classes and robotics of late…

See the stupid stuff my friends and I do (including a new mini series about policemen staring me) at :smiley: Lets say that it would get a TV-PG rating if it was a TV show :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have time to work on a personal homepage… so you may or may not find me @ :slight_smile:

I have two domain names, FactorFantasy and DarkStory . They are hosted by a friend, and so I have tons of space.

Now, for the embarrassing one, my first website… keep in mind, I was very young when I created this (okay, so I created it in 97 (tracker added in 98), so I wasn’t that young, I just wanted to create a web page and didn’t know what to do it on). It was originally hosted on Erols, and when I created my new websites, I couldn’t bring myself to delete it (sort of like not being able to bring myself to throw out all of my old journals). So, here it is: Alchemy’s Corner


my very outdated site can by found at

Heh. If anyone cares, my unfinished projects are: and

They’re just messed up designs that I never got around to finishing. That first one was for a client, but they never contacted me again… Oh well.

Imagine. Inform. Inspire
That’s the homepage to my collection of sites. About 1/2 of them are barely updated though. Stupid School Quotes (my fav) and AIM Chats get the most updates other than my blog (Inspiritum). :]
My page for pretty much just for all the sites I’ve designed and/or am hosting (like our Robotics page).

:smiley: KOOL!

One day during the summer last year I got bored and made for fun :slight_smile: I dropped out of the webdesign scene long ago

The New England Scrimage is online and can be found on This has been brought to you by team 230 The Gaelhawks. :smiley:

I made a little page via my internet design course I took last summer at RIT.

Exile Comics

It’s not my site but it’s my brother’s and I’m always lerking around the forums there under the name Fork04.

this is my very crappy website
it’s a website full of inside jokes lol
does anybody know where i can make free webpages? so far i only know of r there any others? u can pm me or IM if u want :smiley:

this is my web site:
i do all the html and my friend does all the original stuff. All the rest of the stuff is good ol fashioned plagiarism. Some people find it funny, some don’t, you just have to understand my friend’s way of thinking.

EDIT: Google search for free web hosting reveals:

Seacrest Out.

My personal blog with my rants, comments, and such.

my original page

my genealogy page

finally a new page, that Gregory decided that he really wanted, and I got stuck doing… so I will continue to update and perfect overtime

I’m taking two web design classes this year, I can’t wait to add to my primative html skills!

Alright, so I sprang for the domain:

I used to sell t-shirts from there. But then I got sick of not having any business, so I made it my personal site. (And I’m keeping the domain because everything of mine has on it with a year and a half on the domain, and I’m too cheap to change it.)

mine is … i havent updated it in a while, so even though i should be working … im going to go do that now …