Persuasive Essay on FIRST robotics

For my English class we have to write a persuasive essay. After thinking about it for a little bit, I decided I wanted to do mine on how every county/school (depends on the size of the school) should have a robotics team. Like, each school preferably, but if the school isn’t big enough to have their own then each county should have at least one team. But, I need some background info about FIRST for the essay. I am able to find some on the internet and I know some stuff anyway, but I’m still kinda new to this all (starting my second year on the team, so just now getting out of being a noob on our team). Any and all information would be great.
Oh, and one other thing (which is a downside for me). This essay is due on Wednesday. We got it assigned to us today, so 2 days isn’t nearly enough time to create this amazing essay about FIRST, especially since tomorrow we’re gonna be in the workshop from about when we get home until 8 ish or so. I would ask my teacher for an extension, but she’ll say no. So, does anybody have any quick info they could give me by any chance? :]