Petition: Delete All Posts From User "asid61" ( Joke)

Greetings, fellow members of Chief Delphi.

I approach the community today with a request for the betterment of our people, the future of our students, and for a brighter day on the horizon.

It is time to delete all posts from “asid61” and let me show you why. First, we need to start out with some quotes.

“Darkness. Emptiness. Lost. I sat on the loading screen of SolidWorks for the 10th time today knowing that I would find no happiness, no fulfillment, nothing from trying design. I know he would’ve already gotten to it.” - Anonymous freshman

“Every time I have a good idea, I learn that it’s already been done in GBX-420 or whatever. I’m done with this. I’m never designing anything ever again. Yesterday, I was designing a new table for my living room, I finish the design, and the second I pull up CD for the first time, what do I find? asid61 has already beat me. The exact same table. I can’t run. He will always win.” - FRC mentor

Clearly, we can’t keep going on like this. Some people are too good, and this is just another one of those cases. Students are no longer feeling anything when designing, working on their robot, and participating in events, they know that asid61 has already beat them to it or that they could never reach that level. Lets take a look at some of these posts that need to be deleted so students can still feel like they are doing something:

This is where it all started. An innocent gearbox. First example of the odd naming scheme.

Next, GBX-123, dropped swerve. I don’t even know what this is supposed to be, but it scares students and it needs to get out of here.

PBL-104. I can’t tell you how many students have come up to me with an idea of a gearbox that is like a VersaPlanetary but can also shift…but then they find PBL-104. They immediately get demotivated knowing that they will never have an original thought.

CGX-104. What do these letters even mean? but the same idea as before.

GBX-125 “best swurve”. Actually, this one can stay. This is good.

MVPWM-102. I feel as though asid61 is just taunting us now. Every electrical kid and their mother has had this idea. If we delete these posts, these kids can still have a little happiness that they’ve done something cool.

ARJ-101, ABS-122,CGX series, HGX, LIN, BWD, more and more and more…it never ends.

All of these ideas force kids into a reality that they can’t think anything right or that they are just designing things that have been designed before them.

We must band together as people, delete these posts, and finally give students a feeling of achievement in design. It is time to balance FRC.

Please leave your support in the comments below if you believe in the happiness of our students.


You don’t need to convince me, #BANand




I thought I was more popular than this :pensive:


Typical CD cancel culture run amok as always.


Isn’t that a (quadruple) redundant sentence? CD Culture == run amok == typical == as always

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Does you pointing it out make it redundantly redundant?

infinite loop


You can’t recurse on these forums! This is a place for children!


Since you are now a dad, we will let this joke pass.

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This post was a long time coming!

Mr. asid61 poisoned our water supply, burned our crops and delivered a plague unto our houses!


He did?!


No, but are we just gonna wait around until he does?




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