Petition to Kill Bag Day this year

This might be futile, but here goes.

This is a petition to get rid of bag day this year. I didn’t really follow the logic of waiting a year to kill bag day. Something about it not being fair for teams having already prepared for it. That still doesn’t make any sense. Not like motors have an expiration date.

With all of the snow days this year, we and I’m sure other teams are weeks behind where we would like to be. We will make it like we always do but it’ll be some really long hours for the next 7 days. And with some more winter weather forecasted, I am sure I will not be the only one who will venture on to some icy highways to make it to practice because bag day always brings with it an increased level of desperation and urgency. And as a mentor, there is no worse feeling than not being able to be there when the team needs you the most.

So, sign this petition if you think we should get rid of bag day this year. Or if you don’t, please explain to me why waiting a year makes sense.

Good luck everyone.


True man, these snow days have been brutal


I don’t have an opinion either either way, but making this petition will not change anything, I understand how frustrating it can be, but probably the best thing is to suck it up and get to burning the midnight oil.


Something about travel plans, family/life commitments, etc and not wanting to uproot/redo all of that only a few months (never mind a week) of notice…


Lemme re-sign the video review petition while im at it.


Nope…I have a lot of other things I need to do next week. Sorry.


How does killing bag day changes family commitments. If you don’t want to work on the robot, don’t. I don’t see how the two are linked.

A lone mentor deciding not to have a meeting is the same as losing a day to snow. Instead of the weather, its mentor burnout.


Why wait? Logistics.
People have plans, trips are set, schools have time booked off, etc.
The world does not (as much as it would be fun) revolve around FRC.


We need the time, but we need the sleep more. February 20-24 I am sleeping a lot more than usual.


I would argue that a lone mentor choosing not to hold practice one day because he or she knows that there is more time, more flexibility is not the same as have a day ripped from you by mother nature unpredictably.

Who said the mentor choosing to not have a meeting was a predictable occurrence? Who said that the said team would have that flexibility? Are you assuming they can take an extra week-month off of work or less hours due to this being thrown on them last minute?


Pardon me for also feeling committed to my team, especially with so few mentors to go around.


Not sure if that’s sarcasm. Kinda hard to tell. I hope you don’t think I was implying that anyone wasn’t committed to their teams.

While this year has been particularly brutal for many teams, there are always hurdles to overcome when it comes to finishing a robot in 6 weeks. Think of teams that ship their robots across the country or world for their first event… they are at a huge disadvantage logistically. It just so happened that teams that usually aren’t logistically affected were affected this year.

We can wait another year before we pop the bag. Let us enjoy the best day in build season one more time!


It could also be that that lone mentor chose not to hold a meeting/practice that day because they had a medical emergency. I would equate that to having a day taken by the weather. Savvy?

Also: Complaining on CD does nothing. Please send an email to if you feel strongly about this. I can’t say anything will happen, but if there’s a lot of emails there’s a slim chance. (So <1%)

This build season, our team has missed 8 build days including three weekend build days due to school district weather closures, for 50 hours or approximately 30% of our total planned build hours. I fully support ending bag day this year.


Wow, I had not forseen such a swift and hostile response. Eyes opened.

No offense was intended.

I was hoping to gain some sort of critical mass before taking it to the next step.

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Well, if I got suddenly thrust with extra build season time that I couldn’t spend with the team because I expected to have that time to do other important things in my life, I would feel pretty heavily inconvenienced. As you said

Not that I don’t feel for teams who lose build season time, but life still kinda has to go on.