Petra's Senior Project

Petra Hartman built a stair climbing VEX bot named Bartholomew for her senior project at LMHS.

Here’s a photo:
Here’s a video:

She also did an awesome job in documenting the design process (17 total iterations in 3 weeks, I think) and in putting together and delivering a formal presentation. I’ll upload some associated files when I get a chance. Enjoy.

Sweet. Congrats

(17 total iterations in 3 weeks, I think)

cough 19 iterations…

thanks for posting it.

:ahh: This looks EXACTLY like something I made in Sketchup a few days ago!

Very cool!

Me likie A LOT. This is very similar to EWCP’s latest iteration of this design: Courtesy Mike Nawrot frc11

Very cool. Also, I guess I’m just one of those weird high school kids who loves technical documentation. If you could post some of those formal pieces up that’d be cool.

As promised, here are design notebook examples:

I’m hoping to get to shrinking the size of the ppt file and uploading too…