PFlow Problems

Hey, I’ve been trying to make rain, and I think I basically have the particle system right, problem is, it won’t render anything. I have a static material applied to the PFlow system in particle view, but nothing shows up. Below is a screen shot in which I fit as much as I can manage. If you want specific details, just post below what you need. If you think you can help and give me your email address, I could probably email you the file as well.


If you’d like me to take a look at it and see what I come up with, you are more than welcome to email me the file ([email protected]). I was lead animator on 103 for a while and we’ve a lot of stuff with PFlow. I have seen this before in our journeys, but I can’t recall how to fix it. I’ll take a look if you haven’t figured it out yet :smiley: !

oooo… particle flow is so foreign to me. I feel bad not knowing it.

OK this is an easy one i know alot about particle flow and the only think that i could make out from the picture of what could be wrong is that in event1 you need any ones of shape operator. because right now you are creating particles without any geometry. so add a shape operator and it will probally work beutifully