phantom commands occuring

so our robot can somehow receive commands while its disabled and then perform then when it becomes enabled. Clearly this should not happen, what could be occuring this?

You are able to send commands in disabled mode. You aren’t supposed to be able to run outputs in disabled mode. However, if you latch some command in disabled mode which causes an output to run in enabled mode, that is perfectly OK.

It was hard for me to tell if that is what you are referring to, or whether you were actually able to run outputs in disabled mode.

You often want it to recieve commands while Disabled, it can be vital to telling what your robot will do when you enable it. If you are using LabVIEW, you can probe things and see if it will try to kill itself. That can save headaches by being able to tell if it is somehow trying to go to -Inf or something (Our robot wanted to wind the kicker to -Inf today) or backwards or if that giant 3’ arm with 600 ft-lbs of torque is trying to go to a point in the robot or something. Recieving outputs when Disabled is also useful to prepare for Autonomous by getting OI selector switches before they disable OI data during autonomous.

There is no way the software will let you drive outputs while disabled unless something is very wrong, don’t worry about it.