Phantom Falcon In Pheonix Tuner

Hi Everyone! We are trying to update the firmware on our falcon’s with the Phoenix Tuner. We are currently plugged in over ethernet to the radio and through USB to the roborio. When we try to deploy we have gotten multiple different errors:


We also have notices a multiple “phantom falcons” appearing. We only have 6 Falcon’s currently in our drive train. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong?

I suspect you’ll have to resolve the duplicate IDs before you can upgrade the firmware.

It appears the duplicates are only from these “Phantom” devices. We just now switched it, but change in situation so far, still the same errors.

Could it have something to do with some of them being in bootloader mode?

Update: We found one of our CAN wires to be “nicked”. Upon fixing, the phantom devices disappeared and were replaced by the PDP.

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