So this show, Phenomenon as recently caught my eye; hosted by Criss Angel and Uri Geller. There as only been 2 episodes so far and airs Wednesdays at 8 on nbc. I’ve watched the first two episodes and they seem pretty cool. I’m not huge on the big magic thing or watching these types of shows, but some of these tricks are pretty amazing.

The reason why i started watching was because one of the contestants, Wayne Hoffman from Pa, came to my college and performed for us. It was so crazy, and he’s more of a “mentalist” then a magician. One of the tricks he did at my school was the one he performed on stage this past Wed. About a month ago he made a prediction that when he was on stage for this contest he would ask someone to draw something and it would be a yin yang. So the crazy guy he is got a tattoo on his arm of a yin yang. He asked 2 girls from my school to come up on stage an each think of something to draw. The talked about it without him hearing and drew it on a piece of paper on the opposite side of the stage. Wayne revealed the picture an said, now for what i predicted and took of his jacket and showed us the tattoo he got of a yin yang. :ahh: Wow! was all i thought, and now this past wed he did it in front of a live audience and millions of people who were watching the show. Sure enough, the prediction he had proved to be right again. Criss Angel and Uri seemed to be very pleased by this act.

Along with this act there were many others involving a guy who cant feel pain, someone who communicates with the paranormals, and a bunch more. I’m just wondering if anyone has actually seen this show or what ya’ll think on the theories of magic and illusions they put out there. The site where you can find info about the show is here :

i watched some of this past wed. show, its pretty interesting. i know how one of the tricks performed works, cause i’ve tried it before (the one where one of the magicians made the credit card float and spin in the air)

I watched most of it on Halloween. I enjoyed most of the acts, but not the Paranormal act. I don’t think it was on par with the others. It looks very interesting. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my watching of “Bionic Woman*” on Wed. night.

*I want to design prosthetics for a living, interesting looking at the ideas they’ve come up with.

Yeah, i’ll agree the paranormal trick or whatever you want to call it did not seem right. It just didnt fit in with the rest i thought, and criss definitely called him out on it when he asked about what was in the envelope. I think i might keep watching the next few episodes…they seem interesting and i’m curious what tricks the guy i know will pull out next.