Phil Dollan, CAD Guru: Obituary

Many of you will know Phil Dollan through his CAD tutorials and contributions at AutoDesk’s booth and seminars at Championships.

Phil passed away October 13. If you would like to add a comment to his memorial page it can be accessed at: Phillip Dollan Obituary - Victoria, BC

Back in 2005, Phil was one of the few folks in Vancouver who knew what FIRST was about and he gave freely of his time to help our team get started using Inventor. It was particularly exciting when he asked to base one of his tutorials on an arm joint on our robot!

Phil’s expertise and enthusiasm was shared much wider than just the FIRST community through his roles as an educator and author, but talking about FRC always got an even-bigger-than usual smile on his face.

His humour, energy and positive approach will be long remembered.

Jason Brett


FRC Team 1501 sends their condolences to Phil’s family, friends and teammates.
Rest in Peace Phil.

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I too met Phil in 2005, at a training he ran here in SoCal. The sketching techniques I learned directly from him I still use daily. He was truly a great guy.

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Thanks so much for sharing, Jason. I worked closely with Phil during the Autodesk-VEX partnership. Phil brought so much passion, expertise, and a desire to help to every project he worked on. He will be missed. :cry:


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