Philadelphia 2006 Thanks

I want to thank teams 291 and 306 for their awesome work on our alliance to win the 2006 Philadelphia regional.

Thanks to 291 for picking us and consistently hitting balls low in auto. We may not have won many autonomous modes, but you guys helped us tie a bunch and were extremely reliable for those points. You guys did a great job as alliance captain, even under the pressure of having some of the robots on your alliance break a bit (heh, that was us :stuck_out_tongue: ).

306, you guys did an amazing job playing defense. What took us two tries and twenty seconds to keep MOE from scoring, you did almost instantly. And your incredible blocking in the finals let us eek out the win. When the only shooter on your alliance breaks, it’s defense that lets you win, and you guys filled the role perfectly.

I also want to give a shout out to some of the amazing robots at Philly. 365, 341, 103, you guys had some of the best shooter bots I have seen at any regional I have been to yet. Your robots were extremely competitive, and your hard work and engineering has paid off with some amazing robots. All of the robots we faced during the eliminations were strong competitors and each played the game well in their own way.

Congratulations to 433 for winning the Engineering Inspiration award. Your efforts to spread FIRST to other continents are monumental, and you guys really deserved it. I hope to see the team from Ghana in competition at Philly next year!

Philly was a blast, and 177 had an awesome time there!

Sounds like an amazing feat :ahh:

Congrats to the Philly winners, especially 177, now double winners. Too bad the way the Championship divisions are set up we could never be in the same division. We’ll be watching for you on the Einstein Field!

Philly was, as usual, a great time.

Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for putting on another terrific event. Thanks to Drexel U and the regional sponsors for your contributions.

MOE 365 would like to thank Team 716 for selecting us to join them in the elimination matches and Team 1370 for making our alliance complete. There were some hard fought matches in the elims and each of our semis against 291, 177, and 306 were close. Great strategy, guys!

Congratulations to all the award winners, but especially to teams who have improved and learned from the experience of the Philly regional.

To those not attending the Championships, perhaps we will see you at the many great off-season events in our area.

Thanks to everyone for making this another rewarding FIRST season! :slight_smile:

I would like to thank Team 291, and Team 177 for chooseing us as there alliance partners. You guess did great and without you our team would not be going to Atlanta. Agian Thank You for chooseing us to join you.

Hey, don’t forget the Finalists: 84, 250, and 104. These guys were more than a match for any alliance at Philly, and it was some great matches against them! Chuck, matches aren’t too bad until you see thirty or forty balls funneling into your corner goal! Good luck, and thanks!

Team 204 would like to THANK EVERYONE at the Philly Regional!

I’d like to echo that sentiment
The Philly regional was the last regional I’ll ever attend as a student. I’ve always enjoyed going to the best regional in FIRST (If I may say so from my biased position), and this year was no exception; I’ve had a blast and look forward to coming back next year as a volunteer or team mentor.
Rock on Philly!
And that’s more or less the sentiments I wanted to echo.
Ok. Enough with the bad humor from me. :rolleyes: Carry on.

P.S. I almost forgot to thank y’all [the teams] for making philly what it is; Thank you.

First off, thanks and Congrats to all teams that attended, it was a great event.

Congrats to 357 for Chairman’s, 433 for Engineering Inspiration,and all other teams that received awards, there are too many to list.

Congrats to the finalists, 84. 250, and 104, you were all very gracious and played some tough matches.

Thanks, obviously, to all the volunteers that made this event possible, as well as Drexel for hosting the regional. This was our third year in a row attending, we absolutely love the venue and surrounding area as well as the teams. Hopefully we can make it four next year!

Being one of the volunteers, I’d like to thank everyone that made this possible.

Thanks to Maureen, Carol, Anne, and Rich for taking a chance and letting me do play by play…hopefully I didn’t dissapoint, and I’d love to come back next year.

Thanks to Pete and Sara for having Philly be the first regional I’ve ever been to finish EARLY.

Thanks to Laura for herding the cats to the field in an orderly fashion, and making our lives that much easier.

Thanks to Sunny, and all our refs for consitantly officiating a clean regional. I know you guys have hard jobs but you all did it flawlessly.

Thanks to Chiniqua. We make quite the team and you and I got the crowd pumped and the stadium rocking.

And last but not least thanks to the teams, for making Philly one of the most exciting events I’ve ever had the honor to work at. Granted, it was tight hot and loud, but you guys made the event that much more special.

Congrats to the winners, and to all the teams, and either come say hi to me in Atlanta, or I’ll see everyone next year.

Thanks to all who made the Philly Regional possible. We had a great time!

Thanks to our partners, 205 and 104. You helped us all get to three tough finals rounds! We all had some really nice hardware to take home.

To the judges–the sportsmanship award was totally unexpected and such an honor! Our deepest gratitude.

I don’t think I could have said it better myself.

Whoops!!! :o

We also need to thank 103, 379, and 1719 for graciously lending us batteries for the finals. We would have been dead without them!

Many thanks for your generosity!

I’d like to give a big thank you to all of the teams that helped us out while we were having a few issues, especially team 341. When our team was having issues with our bot constantly tripping the circiut breakers and having it sit dead in the middle of the field, these guys sent a few people over to give us a few more much needed hands. Together with the people and equipment that everyone gave us, we’ve been able to figure out the problem and will be able to fix it so our robot is in full running order. Thanks guys, we couldn’t have done as well as we did without all of your help!