Philadelphia Region - 2005 Remote Kickoff

Team 357, Royal Assault is proud to be hosting the 2005 Remote Kickoff for FIRST teams in the Phildadelphia area. This will be our third year hosting the event and we are looking forward to the launch of another fantastic FIRST Robotics Competition season.

The Remote Kickoff will be held in the Performing Arts Center at the Upper Darby High School in Drexel Hill, PA. The Perfroming Arts Center features stadium style theater seating for 1,500.

We are listed in the Team Information Management System as “Drexel Hill, PA” (Team main contacts know what this means).

Teams are welcome to bring as many team members, mentors, sponsors, and community supporters as they would like. The more fans of FIRST…the more fun!

For more information, check the Philadelphia Alliance Remote Kickoff website. The website contains directions and workshop information.

Teams must register to attend a Remote Kickoff by December 3, 2004 to have their kits shipped to a remote kickoff site.

If you need more information please send me a PM or e-mail.


A MOE 365 contingent will be there and wearing green. Thanks to Joe and Team 357 for hosting a great regional kickoff event. We have been attending all three years they have hosted it.

See you in about 6 weeks!

Registration for Remote Kickoff events will close this Friday, December 3, 2004.

In addition to choosing a location to watch the announcement of the 2005 FIRST Robotics Competition, teams need to decide where to have the “Kit of Parts”(KOP) shipped.

Teams have the following options for the delivery of their KOP:
Ship to a local address
Pick-up at the Manchester Kickoff
Pick-up at a Remote Kickoff site

Ship to a local address, has two drawbacks: the team will be charged for shipping and the team will not have the KOP on Saturday, January 8. :frowning:

Pick-up at the Manchester Kickoff: the Manchester Kickoff is a great experience but can limit the number of team members involved (expenses and logistics) also we have been told by FIRST that there may be trouble with airlines and the KOP. :confused:

Pick-up at a Remote Kickoff site: this option is great for teams that want to uncomplicate the delivery of their KOP, interact with other teams and enjoy the Kickoff meeting close to home. :smiley:

It is also possible to send representatives to the Manchester Kickoff and have the KOP delivered to a Remote Kickoff site or your local address.

No matter what option you choose, please be sure that your team has made the appropriate selection on the Team Management System before the December 3rd deadline.