Philadelphia Regional

For anyone who cares, the Philadelphia regional is going great! The average scores are at least twice as high as they were at KSC, and Team 21 (ComBBAT) ended up in 4th place today (better than we’ve ever done before, w00t)

I’m on a time limited internet service, so kthxbyebye

Amazing regional (QP wise) thus far…135, 135!

Can you give me the scoop on matches 6 and 40? It looks like either one alliance didn’t show or there was a DQ called. Any info? We got nothing out here.

i belive match six was the match when team 802 burned the carpet out in a tug of war.

DQ was because the team was entangled with the field. They almost pulled the side bar over. They pulled on it 5 or 6 times lifting the fence off the carpet. They were warned by the ref’s. It appeared they could not control their 'bot. Ref’s shut them down and disqualified them. It was either team 204 or 920.

Score would have been 33 to 31 instead it was 33 to 0.