philly in the hiz-ouse!!

Team 419, The Rambots, is going to the Philadelphia Alliance Regional, anyone else?!? We’re staying at the Crown Plaza Hotel though, maybe thats why we can’t afford to go to Florida lol jk.

Team 365 will be bringing MOE up to Drexel again this season. Some people may be staying in hotels, but since were located in Wilmington (woohoo!!!) most of us will just drive up each day. Looking forward to seeing everybody there :slight_smile:

Philly was my favorite competition last year and I am very happy to say that 122 will be back again. Only a few of our students come (this year 8) with around 4 mentors so while we’re a small group, I guarentee will be enjoying ourselves. Once I find out what hotel we’re staying at, I’ll post it up. Anyone looking to party sometime?

~Tom Fairchild~

P.S. Any word if the team party will be at the Franklin Institute again this year?

As you can see from my picture to the left, I definitely love the Philly regional! Oh, and Tom, hopefully I can have even more fun this year now that the program is done :slight_smile: