Philly Webcast
Teh webcast for Philly is up. I think NASA listened, for they have a static full field camera shot, a full field with captions and scrolling text, with what looks like will be realtime rankings and match scores. As well as a ‘Production view’, which is just a lue screen for me so far, but I assume will be what they show on teh big screen. And a pair of west coast mirrors.
So far I have been getting 222kbps sure stream, and the quality is great.
If you want to talk with someone about what you are watching, check out tigerbolt chat. The url for the java chat is There will prolly be someone there all day. I’ll be there when I am not in class.
IRC channel #FIRSTrobotics on

Good luck to those at Philly, as well as NYC, NJ, and GLR!
I want to see some really good matches!